My Singapore, the place I call home

The longer I stay away from Singapore, the more I yearn to be back there. No matter where I live and how comfortable I am, I know I will never feel as connected to any other place than Singapore. Every time I land at the Singapore Changi Airport and feel the humidity envelope me, hear the broken English spoken, see the orderly streets, skyscrapers, tall buildings, big malls, and city lights, I get goose bumps for I know I’m home. Home to a place where I’m safe, where I grew up in, where my family and friends are, where familiarity reeks in every corner. I know that I can put down all barriers and just be. I know people get me and I get them.

I miss you, my Singapore, the one place I know I can truly call home. Anytime.

Happy National Day. May God continue to bless this little city-state-country.


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