Laksa 叻沙

Laksa, or spicy curry noodles, is one of those foods that you find so commonly in Singapore for cheap, you don’t have to ever bother making it at home. So, I never did…neither did my mom, aunts, or even my grandmothers. It was also never something I really, really craved so I never quite bothered finding out what goes in it; and even if I did feel like eating it, I was happy to pay the exorbitant $9 or $10 here in Australia to have that taste from home.

It was only recently, after Bry suddenly fell in love with laksa and quizzed me on how to make it, that I decided to look up the recipe and give it a shot.

SO, I tried this laksa recipe or the first time everrr to celebrate Singaporean National Day last week and really liked it! The recipe was also really straightforward, to my surprise. On the recipe, I substituted rock sugar with palm sugar, the chili paste with chili powder, and also approximated a lot of the ingredients, especially chili portions (coz we both LOVE spicier versions). I should’ve made more broth…and will remember to do that next time.

Will definitely be making laksa again sometime soon!


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