Happy Speech Pathology Week

I hope I’ll never ever ever ever lose my passion for this job. I’m continually fascinated by the different disorders I deal with: there’s still so much out there to learn, and I get excited just thinking about possibilities. There’s also still so much advocating and educating of teachers and parents about best ways to work with children with speech, language and literacy difficulties, I still get excited thinking about this potential.

AND…of course, the kids – those mostly lovable, cute, innocent, and at times germy and annoying creatures. šŸ™‚ They enthrall me the most. I truly believe that proper instruction and guidance can make a huge difference, especially when they have a language/speech delay or disorder…but It’s not always a walk in the park (especially when working for a big public organization); your best intentions may be met by resistance: you feel unappreciated at times by teachers and parents, bureaucracy gets in your way, and you butt heads with other people who have different agendas…it’s easy to be desensitized in an environment where making a difference or any significant change in a child, a system or teaching mentality is tough. It’s too easy to become jaded.

That’s why I look for little things to keep me excited about speech pathology (other than reading great research and talking to more knowledgeable and equally passionate speechies), such as…:

1. Thank you notes from students…

2. And having a like minded and fun coworker who also bakes! Getting that sugar rush from home made cupcakes (yum!) with personalized geeky IPA transcriptions…


Happy Australian Speech Pathology Week! šŸ™‚


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