Online retail therapy

Just as I was feeling better from the bad cold/flu that hit me all of last week, I fell sick again today. We’re still unsure if it’s food poisoning or a gastric flu, but I was throwing up pretty badly for about 3 hours and was unable to keep anything down. I had to take a half day off work (again) and see the doctor for a jab to quell the nausea and stop the vomiting. Well, I’ve been feeling better since and able to eat small portions, but am slightly weak from the lack of food in my system. Thankfully sunnyboy is doing okay. Both the midwife at my Obstetrician’s office and the GP I visited have reassured me that the pregnancy is still going fine. WHEW. Bry’s also been absolutely lovely, keeping me company at home, driving me to the doctor’s, cooking for me…

To help me feel better about me, I did some Etsy therapy and put a few dresses into my favorites. I may buy some things tonight to brighten my mood.

From DayLiliesVintage

Check out more dresses I hearted!

From PomPomClothing

From Heidihodge

From kjdules

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  1. Kalli said:

    Thanks so much for featuring my dress on your blog! Feel better!

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