Dear Sunnyboy

To my dearest boy,

I’m typing this to you as you are nearly 39 weeks (38weeks + 7 days) old in utero. This means we will get to meet you very, very, very soon. This is my first letter to you and I hope it won’t be the last. 🙂

I thank God everyday for you. This pregnancy, as with everything in life, has had its ups and downs. But whenever we went to the doctors to get an ultrasound or simply to hear your heartbeat, all we could think about was how excited we were to get to hold you in our arms and have you be a part of our lives soon.

Sunnyboy, both your dad and I love you very, very much. We’ve been counting down ever since we found out we were pregnant with you. I can so feel you kicking and squirming about in me right now, as if you’re telling me “Mom, I’m ready to face this world!!”

We wanted to have you to share our lives with you, to show you the goodness of life. To talk to you, play with you, teach you things we enjoy of this world. For me, life is an amazing experience: it’s full of joy, yet at times sorrowful. I believe that while God did not intend for sorrow and suffering in this life, these negative emotions help us appreciate the goodness of life and the need for His presence. Sunnyboy, when you experience happiness in your life, bask in it, enjoy it, and be grateful for the goodness. Yet, when you feel down and dejected, be thankful and take lessons from it; also know that this feeling is only temporary: that after the storm the sun shines again. It’s important to know how to be positive in both good times and bad.

Sunnyboy, I pray that you will grow up to be a loving, forgiving, selfless, thoughtful, nurturing, and righteous man who will stand up for social justice and who will be able to rise above difficult circumstances that might beset you along the way. I pray that you will always be grateful to the people around you, to God, and display humility especially in good times. I pray that you will always be thankful for everything, and be ready put your family and friends before you.

I want to end this first letter to you with Psalm 34. I hope you will get to read this Psalm from the Bible and experience His love.

Just as you will get to experience the love of your daddy and mommy.

We cannot wait to meet you, our little man!! Xxx


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