Hello, sunshine (coast)

The Sunshine Coast in Vancouver is somewhat of a misnomer in that it’s not *really* a sunshine coast, at least not one outside of summer. And if we were to name it for its sunny coast because of the summer, then there would be more than one sunshine coasts in Vancouver…anyhow, the name doesn’t really bother me. Really. Although I have to admit it did at the beginning since we came from Australia, where the Sunshine Coast really lives up to its name almost all year round.

AND…my tirade on names of places ends here. 🙂

This weekend, we went up to the Sunshine Coast to stay with friends of Bry. We had to drive to the harbor to take a ferry over to the coast (only accessible by sea or air). It’s a pretty neat little seaside town where lots of houses have a beautiful ocean view. Bry’s friends are artists and their house looked amazing, with beautiful furniture, most of which were handmade by the husband and cool art, most of which were also by the husband and the wife. We were openly jealous of almost everything in the house.

They fed us well, gave us a lovely guest room to rest up, and then took us to see some of the pretty sights around town. The weather was not that great but I think we have had to buy into the Canadian indomitable spirit of not letting the weather thwart any outdoor plans. It’s actually pretty fun splishing and splashing around in the muddy ground and light rain. Of course, keeping Benji nice and warm is somewhat more challenging but I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job between our rain cover for the stroller and hiding him in Bry’s jacket in a Baby Bjorn. 🙂

Our host family - thank you guys

Easy hike to this gorgeous waterfall

Near Roberts Creek


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