On a cold and lazy Friday

20120224-195317.jpgThis is the first time I have actually seen snow around where I live. (I have seen snow but up in the mountains…actually, we just went snowshoeing a couple days ago up at Mt Seymour but that is a post for later!) Excited, I literally stood by the window and stared outside for at least 20 minutes, watching the snow flakes fall, quickly melting into water. Too bad it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to pile up on the ground.


A cup of (instant) hot chocolate is always a great winter time drink.


And a bagel with cream cheese is always great, rain or shine, winter or summer. 🙂 Not that it really matters to me now that I’m on leave, but the weekend is here! Tis a special one because it’s Bry’s birthday weekend. I’m going to try making sticky date pudding, one of his favorite desserts. It’ll be my first time attempting the recipe. Fingers crossed it’ll turn out yummy!


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