Missing the baby soft skin

Apparently a lot of things happen when your newborn hits the 3 month milestone: they start responsively smiling and laughing more, drooling, undergo another growth spurt, sleeping longer in the night,…but it’s not all smooth sailing, as we found out in the last few weeks. I wrote in an earlier post that Benji has had an onset of skin problems, and in the last week or so it got worse. I realize that this is probably nothing compared to what else might come his way in future healthwise, but being a new mom and someone who gets anxious quite easily, I actually lost sleep over it. We have a couple of doctors in our family but it took his skin rash – eczema – to be quite severe till we sought advice from them. And after this episode, I will never wait for this long to ask them for medical advice anymore when it comes to Benji. They gave us helpful advice, but since they don’t live locally, it was hard for them to physically see and touch his rash to give the most accurate opinion and recommended we take him to a local doctor.

So I did, first thing this morning and it turns out, as our family told us, is quite common amongst babies especially between 3months and 12 months (which is a LONG TIME!!!). Benji has baby eczema which happens most likely because his oil glands are hyperproducing at the moment and developing quicker than his body is able to take it. His rash has started scabbing and looks really scaly :(. We were prescribed hydrocortizone cream and the doctor didn’t seem to think it was all that bad (even though to me, it does!!) and her prognosis was that his skin should start looking better in about a week. Benji doesn’t seem all too fussed about it, however, I have seen him scratching it on occasion and it worries me that he is uncomfortable.

Looking forward to some improvement. We’re really missing the baby soft skin he once had not too long ago!!


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