Happy 100th day birthday, baby Benji!

It is a tradition in Korea to celebrate the baby’s 100th day birthday. Word was back in the old days when infant mortality rate was still pretty low, it was a big deal when babies made it past their 100th day and Koreans would visit the temples and pray to the gods to thank them for watching over their babies. Traditional rice cakes and special food were also eaten to celebrate this momentous occasion.

These days, whilst infant mortality rate is pretty high, a lot of Koreans still carry on the tradition of celebrating the 100th day mostly by having family together and eating a good meal. Since we’re Christian, I’m giving thanks to God, Yaweh, for His care over Benji so far.

Happy 100th day Birthday Benj!! We love you.

PS you can see Benji strutting the new Bibbles Bandana Bibs we got for him from the UK. Love the style!




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