Hanging with the in-laws

The in-laws were in town this last weekend, and Benji was able to experience some warm, family love during that time. As well, he got a whole heap of attention from his grandparents, especially, who weren’t able to let him out of their sight (Except when he slept or fed)!!! It was totally cute. As Bry and I don’t have our families living in the same country as us, these visits are especially precious as they (and us) try to make every minute count.

Bry and I had originally planned to take the in-laws out to see the Vancouver sights but uhm, we ended up pretty much just staying home as that was all his parents really wanted to do — stay at home and play with Benji. We also didn’t get to go on our date as I had hoped to…just couldn’t quite find the right time to do that! Oh well, it was still good. I think Benji is missing his grandparents and uncle and aunt. :- /

So after the family left, Benji’s eczema started acting up really badly. We took him to see another GP one who – thank God! – has had a lot of experience with babies and seemed to really know what he was talking about. He gave Benji oral antibiotics (yes that’s how bad the infection is!) and stronger topical cream. I think Benji and I will be staying home for most of the day tomorrow, as we did today. It’s so heart wrenching to see his pretty face so infected. Praying that this prescription will work this time.

Here are some photos from the weekend with the fam! Oops, and I just realized after looking at the jellyfish photo that we did get to see one tourist attraction — the Vancouver Aquarium! It was really fun, especially those whales.

Finally, I also wanted to add that Benji reached another milestone during the family’s visit. He flipped over from his belly to his back! He did it in front of the grandparents — what a crowd pleaser this boy is!! 🙂


  1. meiyili said:

    How has Benji been? His eczema in particular. Poor poor baby 😦 Not an easy thing to deal with….

    • the speech monster said:

      hey babe. his infection is scabbing tho at times it’s difficult to keep his hands off his face resulting in the scabs falling off prematurely, exposing the skin to more infection again. yeah it’s been quite difficult. plus we have to feed him with antibiotics which he hates doing. i’m still trying to figure out what is causing this. i’m even thinking of trying to use bottled mineral water to wash his face – do you think it might help???

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