Mommy the worrier

Benji’s skin has not shown much signs of improvement…it did, after we started the oral antibiotics, then deteriorated because he can’t seem to get his hands away from his face. I haven’t been sleeping well and last night, actually had a nightmare that Benji’s skin got so bad….well, I can’t even finish the sentence.

Today Bry took Benji to see the GP again for the 3rd time. We got a different doctor, who seemed unfazed by it and prescribed topical antibiotics. It’s really messy putting this stuff on Benji…he’s got cream everywhere and red infected skin and scaly scabs. My beautiful baby is looking like he hasn’t been properly cleaned in days. 😦 Benji has now been seen by 5 GPs (3 professionally, and 2 from our family), and I have brought up his case with my friend’s husband who’s a Pediatrician and another friend’s friend who is a Dermatologist. The bottom line is still: eczema (which is good, since it sounds more mellow than any other disease or rare infection)…however, there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution except to keep on top of moisturizing him and continue the medicine.

I had all these plans to take him out this week to drop in play centers, meet up with other moms, hang out at cafes while I do my work (yes I have some work to do, thank God for this exciting opportunity…I’ll blog about it later)….

BUT with his skin like that, I’m terrified to take him anywhere. Just last week, I took him to a play center drop in and another kid – a toddler – came up to Benji and pointed to his skin, and said “Ouwwwie” (for “Ouchie”). I know other moms understand that babies have skin conditions but this bad? I feel uncomfortable at times because I feel like people are staring at my baby boy thinking he’s different.


We’re now trying everything possible. I have now eliminated dairy from my diet (I’ve taken out cheese but still continued drinking milk). I am going to scale down on soy and citrus fruit. Stop red meat. We’ve switched clothing detergents. I’m moisturizing Benji’s skin diligently like 6-8 times a day. I even bought Evian spring water to help wash his face as I heard it’s better.

What can I say, eczema is annoying. The irony is after I fell pregnant and even now, my facial skin got drastically better. I used to have a lot of break outs and oily skin tone. Now my skin is on the drier side and I rarely have big zits, much to my delight. BUT if that trade off was that my son got my sensitive skin…I’d rather have the bad skin than him!! 😦

I know it’s pointless worrying but it’s difficult not to. Praying things will look better and stay better soon.

  1. hnmom said:

    Hang in there! Keeping my fingers crossed that things will get better soon.

  2. the speech monster said:

    thanks, trying.

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