Making big changes


Indeed, parenting is a really hard job. After a more accurate diagnosis of Benji’s skin condition, which we now know is Eczema, Bry and I still had a difficult time really trying to figure out how best to treat Benji’s skin. The doctors gave us all the medicine we needed from oral and topical antibiotics, to steroids, to moisturizers. Still, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the results.

On Wednesday this week Benji’s face got so red and patchy and the inflammed parts of his face on the sides were weeping again. Benji almost hardly looked like Benji at all. Both Bry and I totally freaked out and it was the first time I saw Bry actually in despair. I went on my knees and kept praying and praying. Finally, after gathering a bit more strength, at 4am, I looked up the internet and scoured all the sites about Eczema once more. This time, I read a lot more carefully and with more desperation, for other people’s tips on how they managed their babies’ eczemas.

After much scouring, I decided we needed to make changes. We couldn’t just rely on meds because even when Benji’s skin condition eases up, the eczema is still in his system. It’s a chronic condition as someone put to me.

We needed to figure out the triggers.

The next day, I made a list of things we needed to change. From our laundry detergent, to our hand soaps, and even my diet. It was harder than I had thought. I never ever had to read labels…not even food labels. We have both been blessed with decent metabolism and I don’t really need to care about calories in my diet, nor any food allergies.

But with Benji, I needed to. I was terrified his eczema would get worse and become uncontrollable. I went shopping the next day after our last GP’s appointment (where we got a referral to a Ped Dermatologist) to get new things for our home.

  • – Completely Organic Laundry Detergent (made from plant and mineral extracts ONLY)
  • – Dr Bronner’s organic natural soaps for body and hand wash (made from natural oils and minerals ONLY)
  • – Goat’s milk (which I thought could replace cow’s milk but to be on the safe side, I decided to eliminate ALL dairy including goat and soy milks)
  • – Organic cotton wash clothes and onesie to test if Benji’s skin would respond better with better fabric


Since last Monday, I stopped drinking cow’s milk but still took foods containing milk ingredients (butter, cheese, milk chocolate). Being such a foodie, it’s really hard for me to completely eliminate foods from my diet. 😦

BUT today, decided to COMPLETELY eliminate dairy AND the following foods from my diet for the next two-four weeks to see if it will help with Benji’s skin condition:

  • Dairy (including goat and soy milk)
  • Red Meat
  • Shellfish
  • Eggs

The wounds on Benji’s face have stopped weeping (thank God!) and his eczema seems to be sort of under control now. It took a lot of vigilance on our part to keep him from touching his face, and trying all sorts of different creams to get it under control. The areas around his eyes no longer have the eczema flare ups and I suspect it has to do with an immediate reaction to me cutting out cow’s milk and eggs from my diet. The eczema on his body and around his mouth continue to persist. But I am hopeful that we can get to the bottom of this.

Last night was the first time I actually had any decent sleep of 5 hours straight in awhile.

Let’s hope his condition will maintain for awhile and that we can really find the triggers of Benji’s eczema so we don’t have to rely on steroids and keep “chasing” the rash (as a Doctor put it).

It’s quite a bit more difficult changing my diet than I had thought…there’s so many things I LOVE eating that contain dairy AND eggs. But if this helps with Benji’s skin, it would be amazing.


Benji’s face looking sooo much better as of yesterday. Thank God!!!


Constantly having to keep Benji sitting up to prevent the infected parts of his face from rubbing against his clothes.

  1. Cynthia said:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Hang in there with the diet (and all the lifestyle changes). I’m in the same situation & I know very well how hard this is. But it’s all good & worth it, as it’ll not only make a significant change to Benji’s health but the health of your whole family too.

    • the speech monster said:

      Hey thanks it’s hard I dunno how u do it btw gonna msg u soon we need to meet up in Japan also need yr help with something!! Dx

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