Total Elimination Diet


After a week (more like 7 weeks of steady decline of his skin) of watching Benji go through breakouts of rashes everywhere and getting increasingly fussy because of itch, I decided to do it: TOTAL ELIMINATION DIET.

Not just dairy and eggs and shellfish n red meat as in my previous post, but any food that has been known to cause allergies to rule out as quickly as possible if he is allergic to foods I’ve been eating. That on top of using new all natural laundry detergent, wearing and coming into contact with ONLY cotton, and getting our place spring cleaned tomorrow with all natural products.

It was a very tough decision for me (again I LOVE my food too much! And one of the ways Bry n I bond over so much is through food) but watching my poor baby so uncomfortable with rashes and having bound hands to prevent him from scratching is an even more difficult feeling to stomach. We need to get down to business faster.

Popularized by Dr SearsDr Sears the diet is made up of: millet, rice, rice pasta, organic lamb chicken turkey, squashes, and pears. I m going to modify it a little to include quinoa, apples and spinach lettuce and Chinese leafy veggies. Calcium n omega 3 supplements should also be consumed to keep up the nutrients.

I hope to follow through for at least two weeks and pray to see some noticeable results so we know there is a trigger and can work it out from there rather than simply relying on steroids medication n worse of all continuously having to bind his hands and watch him like a hawk.

Let’s hope it’s just food allergies. Goodbye junk food, cakes n cookies, cereal, cheese….etc for awhile!!

Meanwhile mommy needs to try to chill out.

  1. hnMom said:

    I hope you find the culprit and Benji will be better soon. I know it’s hard but you’re doing a great thing for your son. I did an elimination diet for Livi because of fussiness and reflux, though it wasn’t nearly as restrictive as yours. Hang in there and good luck!

    • the speech monster said:

      thanks so much!

  2. Becks said:

    Aww!! Big hugs to all 3 of u! I hope the diet works!!! Is Bryan allergic to certain foods? Terry is and I’m praying my babies won’t be as allergenic as their dad!

    • the speech monster said:

      Nope we aren’t allergic to anything…not even when we were young. But there is history of eczema n dermatitis in both our families so maybe that increased his chances of getting it.
      What’s terry allergic to? I read somewhere that some moms try to stay of typically allergenic foods when pregnant to hopefully decrease their unborn kid’s chances if there’s a strong history in the fam (controversial n no strong evidence to back tho)

  3. Yay! You can do it! So excited for you and pray you see results! We did a full elimination diet, and yes, it’s so hard, but so rewarding when you find out what’s been harming your little baby. Best of luck! I’ll follow your story and cheer you on all the way.


    • the speech monster said:

      it’s after reading success stories like yours and many others that i decided to try it. i’m still skeptical but we shall see. thanks!!

      • It’s so wonderful to hear you say that. It’s why I write the blog. If I can give anyone even the slightest idea that could help their child, then that’s all I can ask for. Wish you lots of luck!


  4. I had to do a strict elimination diet for a little while, and it’s so hard! You don’t realize how hard till you do it. Hang in there! Hope your little one’s feeling better soon.

  5. the speech monster said:

    thanks!! it is for sure there’s so much i love eating that i can’t but hopefully it’ll pay off!!

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