Life Proof


Taking a break from whining and agonizing over dermatological stuff. Here’s an iPhone case I purchased a couple days ago n absolutely love it! it’s water proof n shock proof…Obviously designed for the rugged outdoorsy person in mind, this is also great for baby proofing your phone. I mean having a baby sort of similar to a rough n tough lifestyle!!

My sister In law, an avid surfer first recommended it to me: she apparently takes her phone out surfing to take photos and has also dropped it multiple times in this case n her phone is still very much alive!

I feel so much safer now with this case protecting my phone. It’s my constant companion when breastfeeding (we all know how boring it is!!), n also when we r out n about…n I’m no longer anxious about dropping it or letting benji have a go at grabbing it (he’s starting to do so!).

Only drawback is the cost:$89 incl tax but totally worth it in my humble opinion for that peace of mind. N who knows it will also come in handy that glorious day when I can take benji swimming n take this phone with to snap photos in the water!


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