So we had to cross the border to Seattle to get an early enough appointment with a Pediatric Dermatologist (the waitlist here in Canada is crazy long – about 18 months for BC residents with health care cards and even for private pay patients we have to wait 1.5 months !!!!!) and decided to make use of that trip to also do some sightseeing around the town since I had never been there before.

Overall, the trip was plenty successful. We got to see the doctor, he prescribed some stronger topical steroid creams for Benji which seems to be working really well. It also cost us a fortune so yeah it had better work. His wounds have now completely stopped weeping and looking less inflammed. The doctor however was adamant Benji’s eczema is Atopic and is NOT caused by allergies and would not hear of any allergy testing or the fact that for some people, eczema is really exacerbated by some kinds of allergic reaction. Shrugs. We took it with a pinch of salt. I’m still confident Benji has some kind of food allergy – while it may not be a cause, it certainly is a trigger and I’m determined to hunt it down.

We also got to do some outlet shopping, grocery shopping at good ol’ Trader Joe’s and sight see. The weather when we were there was also pretty amazing. What a blessing!

Because we were traveling, I had a lot of difficulty sticking to my total elimination diet. My poor husband didn’t get to eat at nice restaurants because of me but he took it really well. We would go to restaurants and all I’d order is chicken – without seasoning – and rice. Our second meal, I caved and ordered sushi, salmon sushi. So yes, I introduced salmon into my diet and Benji seemed to take it okay. No new flare ups. For the rest of our trip, we just did take out meals from the Whole Foods cafe.  Rotisserie chicken with just natural herbs and plain quinoa? Just my kinda meal.

I’ll post some photos from our trip later…but from the two photos above, you can see a happier Benji and therefore a happier mommy! 🙂 Thank GOD Benji’s skin is looking so much better. He’s also been itching less and I am SO relieved and grateful that we had the means to get him seen sooner than later. After we returned from our trip, the local Pediatric Dermatologist’s office rang and said we got an appointment early May. We will go for a second opinion with this local specialist who is also an Allergist/Immunologist. I’m interested to hear his views on eczema and allergies.

We’re also keeping my TED and will work more with the naturopath on it.

Crossing all fingers and toes.


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