Got milk?


As you can see…we’ve amassed a number of different kinds of milk. In fact, probably almost every type of milk there is under the sun (only short of soy milk…there’s also breast milk in there but for posterity’s sake didn’t include it in the photo).

From L-R : Coconut milk, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, rice milk and almond milk. (Right now all I’m having are coconut and rice milk.)

  1. Have you tried oat milk? I liked that one in my cereal when I was also eliminating nuts.

    • the speech monster said:

      wow. i thought i conquered them all but there’s always more types of milk to be had. do they sell it at whole foods??

      • I can’t imagine they wouldn’t. I get mine at a local grocery store that’s not near as cool as Whole Foods, so it can’t be too uncommon.

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