Bottle feeding

Benji chugged down almost 5 half-feeds of breastmilk in two days so I think time to say we have safely crossed over to the bottle feeding stage. I wrote in a previous post about the struggle we had with feeding him from the bottle after a few months of exclusively breastfeeding, and it took us – me – about a week or so to gather the courage to try it out once more. It also helped that my folks were around for more moral support and in case Benji rejected the bottle from Bry, we had more people to help feed him. I was armed with all sorts of ‘tricks’ up my sleeves but the solution was actually not complicated.

We found out that the little guy was simply fussy with the previous bottlefeeding trials not because he hated that his dad was feeding him or that he desperately wanted only mommy to feed him. All we needed to do, and this was one of the suggestions from one of the moms who responded to my post (thanks, discoveranddevour!) was to warm up the milk AND teat just before the feed. Too easy (as the Australians love to say)! Once we hit jackpot, Benji downed the whole thing down without putting up any fight.

Bry who missed getting to feed Benji the last few months I was breastfeeding, really enjoyed getting to reconnect with Benji on that level, too. Benji, however, seem to need a few more cuddles from me during the day and that’s totally understandable.

  1. hnMom said:

    So glad to hear it. I’m sure you are all relieved. Enjoy the cuddles. 🙂

  2. Yay! So happy to hear Benji loving his bottle. I love your phrase, “too easy”!

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