The visit to the Pediatrician today turned out more exhausting than expected. We were supposed to visit to simply pick up a second prescription for Benji’s vaccination and were made to wait for over an hour (we had an appointment), and subsequently, greeted by the Pediatrician – who we had seen before – and who miscalculated Benji’s age and the intent of our visit.

Anyway, after doing some checks on him, we found out on top of his eczema, Benji’s weight has dropped from the 50th percentile at 2 months, to the 25th percentile at 4months and now down to the 10th percentile at 5 months (and 1 week). Further to that, he now has a ‘clicky’ right hip which requires further investigation.  If we were in Australia where we have the appropriate medical insurance, we wouldn’t even think twice about the referral. But we are here, and won’t be back in Australia until 2 months later, so we will now have to fork out a chunk of money for the ultrasound. And even having the money might not get us an appointment before we leave town (remembering our experience with a supposed 18-month waiting list to see a Ped Derm here).

We left the office with a mixed bag of emotions: frazzled, hungry, angry, lost,…twas all quite a bit too much. It still is.

Breathe. And pray. That’s all we can do now. More updates later.

(Photo of Benji’s cute rock star sleeping pose taken on the weekend.)

  1. That sounds really stressful and frustrating. Many kids will cross a few growth percentiles in the first six months as they are moving towards their “true” growth trajectory, but it is certainly worth watching.

    I always hate to find a new problem or concern when kids and families are coming in for a “routine” visit. It doesn’t help that the pediatrician didn’t exactly reassure you by having some of Benji’s details wrong. Hang in there.

  2. bellissimom said:

    Wow, over an hour with an appointment? That is just not right. The way I feel now is that if the OB wants to keep me waiting that is not great but fine. But when you go in witha baby they should not keep you waiting longer than a few minutes.
    Sorry about his hip – hopefully it is something very minor.
    The picture of him sleeping is adorable!

  3. hnMom said:

    What a cute picture, he is adorable.
    I’m sorry to hear about all that’s going on. I am hopeful that it is all nothing major and before you know it, everything will be back on track.
    Chin up, I am sure it’s just another small hurdle you will clear easily! 🙂

  4. Oh, my gosh! What an emotional visit for you. So sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Thankfully you know what’s going on with Benji and you can tackle it immediately. Did the ped recommend formula for weight gain?

    You are right…that is a sweet pic of Benji sleeping in his rock star way.

    • the speech monster said:

      Well she did and then changed her mind n said breast milk. But she also suggested feeding him less vs more so he gets more of the hind milk. But I thought otherwise. Anyway he’s gained some good weight the last 8 days so I’ll continue this feeding trajectory n hope it helps.

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