Little Babytime

Thomas the librarian who does an amazing little babytime

Benji and I enjoying little babytime

Benji n Natalie

Three and a half more weeks left in Vancouver: we are so running out of time here just as the weather turned GORGEOUS! Though I’ve only been here a short time, Vancouver seems like a great place to raise kids. There are tons of activities for children from the time they are born; most shops and even public transportation (which is awesome, btw) are stroller and kid-friendly, making it really easy for moms and children to maneuver around town.

One of my favorite mom-baby activities is “Little Babytime” that most public libraries around the city host weekly. Little Babytime is a 30-minute storytime session for babies under 1 year old, and librarians who host this read baby books, and include lots of action songs and rhymes. We tried the storytime sessions at various libraries and the one that I enjoy most (and many other moms concur) is the one at the Firehall Branch on Granville and 10th street that runs Thursdays from 1115-1145am.

The librarian, Thomas, who runs these sessions at Firehall is animated, and his passion for doing these songs, rhymes, and stories to the babies shows in his delivery. He’s also a humorous n includes fun activities that give moms a workout at times!

Definitely gonna miss Thomas n Little Babytime when we leave!

Do you have a favorite parent-child activity? What does your city/community offer for parents and children? Is your city child friendly?

  1. Yes! I love going to story time at our local library! It sounds very similar to your description. However, our librarians aren’t as animated as I would like them to be.

    Our community does offer a lot of parents and child classes, but it’s mostly for 3 and 4 year olds. So I get creative with my one year old during the week…museums, libraries, parks, French class, and walks.

    • the speech monster said:

      I think it’s a tough gig to run story times for such little babies. This guy is a rare gem! It’s great that you take initiative and actively do stuff to keep you and Oster busy!

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