Challenges and treats


This was where we spent last Saturday: at the Kits Beach. The Kits pool also opened for the summer session that day and my gosh is that pool huge.

We have been extremely busy wrapping up our stay here. On the weekend we also had friends over for dinner, and this week is full of hosting friends from the US. We have about 10 days left in this town. Have I already mentioned how sad I am to leave??

Anyway…so the topic at last week’s mother’s group was about taking care of ourselves. And the questions posed to us to share were: what is one big challenge you’ve faced since becoming a mom and what is one thing you do to take care of you. I was floored by how many women found breastfeeding challenging. Sure they were of varying degrees of challenges some has full on thrush and mastitis and some cracked nipples…some shared their disappointment with being unable to breastfeed. I feel like we have become so obsessed with this issue and more and more so in recent years.

I also shared other challenges I think for me aside from breastfeeding, my biggest one was watching benji go through the weepy stage of eczema and feeling helpless when I couldn’t do anything to alleviate his itch.

Other challenges will also be rebuilding my relationship with Bry (and yes sex included. I won’t lie but shan’ elaborate further too but it’s been challenging. Am I the only one?) finding time to read and be intellectually stimulated, spending time to read my Bible and pray for friends and family, phoning up and catching up with friends, plus the usual sleep deprivation.

Speaking of which, right at this moment my biggest challenge is dealing with HIS GROWTH SPURT. It has got to be the biggest one to date. He is feeding like he has never before. Even during the early days he didn’t feed like that: once ever 2.5 hours in the night. On the one and I’m glad because we are working on his weight gain having dropped to the 10th percentile…on the other hand I miss the months where he treated us by sleeping through the night! 🙂

It will pass soon. I hope. Especially since we are gonna have a full house for the next 6 days with two extra adults and two toddlers in a tiny house.

And how do I look after myself?? Go out to meet other moms or friends…and shop. Whether it’s shopping for others or me, I find it cathartic. Oh that and indulging in some dark chocolate coconut ice cream I just discovered to be amazing (brand: Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss) from Whole Foods.

To moms reading: what has Ben your greatest or one of the bigger challenges since becoming a mom? And what do you do to look after yourselves?

PS my Internet connection is still iffy so the next post might not be for awhile!

  1. It’s a tough question. I guess one of the biggest challenges becoming a mom is taking care of myself. I ensure I am ready before Oster wakes up. So I am showered and dressed. However, I notice by mid-day that I sometimes get exhausted with all of the running around I am doing. I eat a great breakfast, but when it comes to lunch I barely eat. And it’s not because we don’t have anything to prepare in the house, I just feel that I don’t have the time to prepare my lunch and Oster’s. I always think I’ll be able to eat when he goes down for his nap. And I never do.

    What I’ve finally changed about this? I’m taking little “me” breaks during the day. Sometimes I put Oster in his pack and play and I sit at the table with a newspaper and coffee. When he goes down for his nap, I’ll put on the radio and put my feet up and then do some housekeeping duties later. I’ve noticed that I have more energy and I’m not so tired by 4pm. It’s working well so far.

  2. the speech monster said:

    Yes, I think me breaks are great!! Even for a couple minutes…

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