Nursing in Tokyo

On the surface Japan, like most Asian countries, is a highly conservative country. With that knowledge, I was slightly worried about how I would go about nursing Benji outside our hotel room. My single and childless friends in Japan aren’t plugged into the whole motherhood scene neither are my relatives, so I didn’t have insider information or advice there.
As expected, mothers in Tokyo do not nurse their babies in public. Not even with a nursing apron. When I suggested that to Bry’s Japanese cousin who we were visiting, she seemed to think it was not at all kosher.
So how do moms nurse?! I was lucky enough to wander into the kids department in a giant mall the day after we arrived in Tokyo because Bry’s relatives wanted to get Benji a present, and decided to check out their baby changing facilities. I popped into what I thought was a just a baby changing room only to be pleasantly surprised that there were not only about eight baby changing tables with proper mattresses, but also individual cubicles for moms to nurse their babies in complete privacy.
There were also diaper bags available, hot water dispensers for moms who bottle feed, an infant weighing station, and high chairs for feeding babies/toddlers solids. It was such a wonderful facility!
Since then, I have gone to various other department stores to use their nursing rooms and they never disappoint. All the rooms I’ve been to have been clean and extremely well maintained. While sometimes I wish I could just have the freedom to nurse wherever I want, I also see the benefits of these brilliant nursing facilities.
Tomorrow we go to Seoul to visit other family. I wonder what their nursing culture is like. A good friend of mine who is Korean, has a one year old kid and who lives there mentioned that while it is not too common, there are women who nurse discreetly in public…but it wouldn’t be a big deal not to do it in public if they, too have such awesome facilities like the Japanese. <;;strong20120604-214607.jpg





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  1. Wow– that is really interesting. Not to mention useful for any nursing moms heading to Japan.

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