Milk supply

My milk supply has been dwindling the last few days. I feel empty and it’s not getting better. Benji does seem to feed a little more regularly as a result.

Any tips?

  1. bellissimom said:

    I was feeling this too last week so I did lots of research. Hydrate, eat nursing friendly foods (greens, brown rice, fish, eggs, oranges, blueberries), pump if you have one. Pump for 5 or 10 minutes after let down. Don’t stress about it because that will only make it worse! Rest up if you can. I did all those things as best I could last week and I feel it helped. We seem to be back on track. Good luck!

    • the speech monster said:

      i actually gave my fenugreek supplements to a friend whose first baby is due in a month or so thinking i won’t need them since i’ve had more than enough milk! heh. but yes, it helped me very early on. i read about oatmeal, too, and after seeing your post, was really motivated to take it for breakfast and just before bedtime. it did really worked for me, too. thanks!

  2. Hi there! I had the same concern when I first started breast feeding my LO. What I did was eat lots of veggies, soup. stews and juices (100% fruit juice), soy milk and lots of fruits. My Mom used to tell me that chicken soup with chinese cabbage is very good, so I made sure I cooked this at least once or twice a week. And just like bellissimom said, keep hydrated and relax. Stressing would make it worst definitely. My LO was always hungry so I had to make sure I ate a lot too. I am still breastfeeding him (he’s 14 months now) but it’s more balanced now since he eats other foods and drink soy or cow’s milk at meal times.
    Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

    • the speech monster said:

      ah, chicken soup with chinese cabbage – i haven’t heard of that one. i’ll try to cook that sometime this week. my milk supply is a little better but couldn’t hurt to have more. plus i love chicken soup and chinese cabbage separately, and i’m pretty sure i’ll enjoy them together.

      • I’m glad to hear your milk supply is a little better now. This soup will hopefully help a little too. 🙂 plus it’s refreshing. I cook it very simple. I used an organic chicken cube (low salt), and add a little black pepper and lots of scallions (or spring onions!). And basically, just taste and see if it’s to your liking. So easy! Try using chicken drumsticks as they have a little bit of fat plus the meat will be much tender. And if you like, add a slice of ginger or even lemongrass! You’re all set! Let me know how you get on.

      • the speech monster said:

        Hey thanks ! Will try it on the weekend. It sounds lovely and will be a great warmer as it’s winter in Melbourne right now . X

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