Virtual reality


Benji getting “babysat” by his grandparents from Los Angeles

This morning, a good friend who lives in Vancouver posted a link on Facebook to this magazine article on the NYTimes titled “Skype Projections and Family Reunions.” In a nutshell, the article was about using Skype to help unite and photograph families spread around the globe in a single family portrait. This idea/project was cleverly devised by a Singaporean photographer based in New York who first experimented it with his own family who still lives in Singapore. Since both Bry and I live overseas from our home countries (USA and Singapore respectively), I was able to completely relate to this article and how virtual media has helped create this bridge for us with our families. What a great idea, isn’t it???

Thanks to Skype and Google chat, our families are able to have face-to-face time on video chat with Benji and “interact” with him. In fact, there have been a couple times when Benji’s grandparents were able to successfully “babysit” him for us by entertaining him on Skype, while we cleaned up the house! For us, there is no escape from social media. Facebook, Flickr, Skype, Youtube, and even this blog serve as a tool to connect with our families and friends. Yes, I do worry about privacy sometimes and have to be very careful about not leaving too much personal information online. We have also left our Flickr and Youtube accounts strictly for family and personal friends to visit. But overall, it is too difficult to put too much red tape around as some of our families aren’t very internet savvy.

Do you use social media and the internet to connect with your loved ones?

  1. This is, indeed, very true. My little one and I can fully relate to this since so far Skype is our main tool to connect to his Dad in the US. And if sometimes when we have Skype issues as sometimes it’s unavoidable, we switch to Facetime. So thank goodness to all these wonderful tools that connect us as a family virtually, before we can be reunited again for real. It’s so sweet how your parents babysit Benjie while you guys do house chores! I wish
    that would work with AJ!

    thanks for sharing this post.

    • the speech monster said:

      hehe i guess AJ is a bit older so that wouldn’t work so well. maybe when he is even older and can sit still. 🙂 didn’t realize his dad’s in a different country! that must be hard but yes thank goodness for skype and other similar platforms. i find skype quite unreliable at times, too. google video chat seems to work better for us.

      • Yes, he is. We’re hoping to go over, but we just need to wait a little bit. Skype indeed is unreliable sometimes so we go for Facetime, but now that you mention Google video, we might try this out too, since lately audio both on Skype and Facetime has been terrible. I bet you’re still feeling all homesick, aren’t you?

  2. Fen. said:

    My in laws entertained caleb on msn video chat while i made dinner one time. Lol

    • the speech monster said:

      it’s great, isn’t it?! 😉

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