Spelt vegan pancake

As you know, I’ve been on a moderate wheat and total dairy free diet because of Benji’s eczema. Since then, I’ve been trying out different recipes that use different wheat and dairy substitutes. Today, I tried making spelt vegan pancakes for breakfast and it was amazing. Okay, so spelt is not gluten free; it’s a subspecies of wheat and who knows maybe Benji’s also allergic to it? I *don’t* think so, since he seems to tolerate traces of wheat (I’ve been eating soy sauce, for example). We shall see. Anyhow, I’ll say this recipe is even better than the traditional wheat, dairy, and egg version. Even Bry, who is rarely one to truly enjoy ‘new age’ ‘healthy’ foods remarked that it was quite possibly his favorite pancake: much lighter and fluffier than regular wheat ones. He was surprised when I told him the ingredients and especially when I said there were no eggs involved.  Here’s the link to the recipe. Next time I’ll also try a bit of vanilla extract for more flavor.


Nice, smooth batter




Couldn’t resist. Looked so fluffy and light (and it was!).


Topped off with some olive oil spread and maple syrup. And strawberries on the side.


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