Sleep update

Here is where we are at these days with Benji’s sleep: still regressed and tough. He’s had a bout of colds and flus and gastro virus thanks to daycare, which has not helped out cause. Now that he’s slightly better, we got admitted to sleep school to help us all with settling him.
Night one went really well for me: I got to sleep!!! The kind nurses settled him as they tried to work out his threshold, while I was so zonked out, I barely noticed anything until this morning when I saw the log book of how he went in the night.
They use some modified version of controlled crying here, going in and out of the room to teach him to self settle. We are booked in for 3 nights but I have a feeling we will have to extend our stay. Some women have been in here for a week! As the proverbial “misery loves company” goes: it’s been good to have support from the other moms here who are dealing with similar battles.
Let’s hope this will help us all and get us back on track.

PS: during his gastro episode, Benji also lost a ton of weight that he already has so little of…he is now gaining but still very slowly. Another Ped appointment in a couple weeks to try to sort that out. We will get there!

Pic taken the first morning after: a very tired Benji with his unusually refreshed mom. 😉

  1. Awww, I’m so glad you were able to sleep! And Benji is now so big!! Sleep training is tough, I can definitely attest to that. AJ’s been doing well lately, but I think it’s me that needs sleep training! haha. Hope things will get better even more for you guys. 😉

  2. bellissimom said:

    Wow, it sounds like things have been really difficult for you guys. I hope they get better soon!

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