Still here.

It’s been about 10 months since I posted anything on here. As usual, I ask myself: where did the time go? After our big around the world tour in 2012, we thought 2013 would be more relaxing and vowed to do less traveling. On the contrary, we did even more than before. I’ll probably have a bit more time later to write more about all those experiences.

I think it’s time now to do a quick Benji update: He’s turning two at the end of the month! Even though I’ve been quite ill the last month and a half with little energy and mood to spend much time with him, and he’s become more attached to me than ever (“carry me, mommy!!!” is his favorite/most used phrase at the moment), there is probably a moment every other day when I stop to bask in his cuteness and development, and wonder “How can it get better than this???” 

Can it? 

It gets overwhelming when I think about how much love I have for him. My favorite moment is watching him as he’s fast asleep, enjoying that cherubic face, remembering the laughter and fun we’ve had during the day, and dreaming of what his future will be like. Then I get all teary…thinking about how quickly he’s growing up and changing, and that these moments we have with him are indeed so precious and temporary. My prayer for him is that he will grow up to know our love for him, God’s love for him, and grow up to be a useful person in this world; be a light of the world and salt of the earth kinda person.

23.5 months…boy, that went by quickly!!!!! 



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