Hello, 2014. What’s new?

Not that many people read my blog, but I’ve been re-evaluating the purpose of my blog, and why I’m writing for public consumption. IN a way, I’d like to connect with people with similar experiences. However, that doesn’t always seem to happen as I’m not able to commit to writing regularly enough. IN the last year, I have gone from blogging once every couple weeks, to months, to almost none as I have so much other things to tend to at the moment.

Anyway, while I mull over whether or not to keep blogging publicly (or at all), I’ll just say that the last few months up until Christmas have been extremely trying for us as a tiny, migrant family. Bry’s had to work overtime to look after both Benj and me while working. While I…pretty much could not do anything else but devote what little energy I had to keeping my job and showering love to Benj. Things are better now, much, much better.

We are now at the stage where we’re thinking of baby names, amassing more baby clothes, and enjoying my energy and mobility before it goes downhill again in a couple months!

Bebe numero dos, mommy and daddy (and your big brother) are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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  1. Nina said:

    So glad to see you back online šŸ™‚ Blogging can definitely be time-consuming. And I’m sorry to hear of the crazy challenges you had the past months. Glad that things are turning up, and hope they continue to do so!

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