Geography Chapter 1:From Singapore to Australia to the US.

Chapter 2: From the US back to Singapore and then again to the US.

Chapter 3: From the US to Australia.

Chapter 4: From Australia to Canada.

My life has taken me to continents and back and brought me a whole range of people who have influenced me in various ways and from whom I have learned lots. God has given me tremendous blessings and showed me my fallen nature through different lessons, some harder to learn than others. My late 20’s was filled with the best and worst experiences; it also showed me most clearly, God’s amazing hand at work, and given me the best understanding of love, forgiveness, and what life is all about.

With that in mind, I am excited to start my 30’s on a stronger foundation and with a new baby in tow.

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist by profession and I work primarily with children. Currently, I’m on maternity leave and am loving my new role a stay at home mom. Besides being an SLP (or a Speechie, as we are called in Australia) and mom, I am also a wife, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, cousin, relative, friend, and most importantly, a child of God.

I love blogging and reading about food, recipes, fashion, travel, motherhood, baby development, God, and speech and language ‘stuff’ (in no particular order). I enjoy being silly and love a good laugh.


Cher (Feb 2012)

  1. Maryam said:


    Thanks for your kind comment! I love your green website too! By the way, I appreciate it that you consider me as one of your *Pretty Inspirations*; That means a great deal to me 🙂

    Cheers 🙂


  2. Hi Cherbie,

    You have inspired me to try my hand at blogging and showing off my etsy shop. I loved reading your profile and look forward to following your blog in the near future. Its good to know others are out there trying to sell their hand made items on the net.

    regards vowsalee

    • cherbie said:

      aww, thank you so much!! i love your wrist warmers too! maybe when the weather turns colder!! : )

  3. aovana said:

    I like the new look of ur blog! it reminds me of a very crisp green apple! 8D

  4. debut dad said:

    Hey Cherbie. Thanks for stumbling onto my blog.
    Speech-Language Pathology sounds super interesting. I’ll be tuning into you posts and look forward to your stories.
    P.S. try Snapseed, Pudding Cam and Frametastic for cool iPhone photo apps 🙂
    P.P.S. try Precorder for the BEST video recording app for the iPhone for parents trying to capture those specials moments of their kids without having to record and delete until they do that special something 🙂

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