Cherbie’s Creations

Feeling better today. Got to eat solid foods and kept them all in. Sunnyboy’s excited that mommy’s better, I think; he’s been moving about non-stop all day!

Took out my craft toolbox and put together a couple necklaces. Here’s one I’m quite excited about. The photo didn’t come out as clearly as I had hoped but will use a proper camera to take it again tomorrow along with some of the other stuff I made.

I’ve forgotten how much I love beads and making jewelry. Guess what else I’ll be doing on maternity leave. 🙂


Here are some of the pendants I personally designed. They can also be made into fridge magnets. I am not sure whether they will sell, but I am showing them here first. I know there are only like five of you reading my blog…so any feedback is much appreciated! ****Updated with new, improved quality photos!!****