Daddy and Benji in argyle_Aviary Edit by chertartlet

Playing around with Aviary, the new photo editing software that comes with Flickr. It’s really easy to use, better than their previous now dyfunct (I think) software, Piknik.

Everyone’s been coming up with editing software that lets you vintage-ize your photos easily. It works, I say, so I’m all on board. (Speaking of photo editing softwares, how insane is that Facebook’s 1 billion dollar acquisition of Instagram?Instagram is pretty awesome but is it really worth 1 billion?! Sure, it’s part cash part shares and at this point we don’t even really know if those shares are reasonably valued but still, it’s totally crazy. Thanks to Facebook, Silicone Valley is now buzzing again, huh! Did you also read that article “Angry Birds, Farmville and other Hyperaddictive Stupid Games” about the burst of online games that people – me included – are hooked on to these days and how much money these companies are making?! WIsh I was more stereotypically Asian and followed the trend to becoming something IT related. I might be richer than this. )

And yet again I digress. Back to what I really wanted to write about…above is a photo of Benji in his most preppy outfit yet – a red argyle vest from Janie and Jack over a white collared shirt from Baby Gap. HIs bottoms are blue pants also from Baby Gap. I love this look! We dressed him up in this for Easter Sunday church service. Bry also pulled out his argyle style sweater from Banana Republic that I got for him earlier this year and boom, we have a little argyle family fashion and a little professor right there. (No pressure at all, Benji.)

Speaking of fashion, Janie and Jack have really nice and quality clothes that are actually not *that* pricey considering everything. To the left is another photo of him with this outfit in the messenger boy hat we got from H&M kids a while back. Pretty cool, huh. Well, at least I think it is. 😉 I also posted about this website, children with swag in another post before. If you haven’t already visited this website,  get on it NOW. It’s amazing.

One of the things I was really excited about was dressing up my kid in fun and stylish clothes. Problem is…both Bry and I are a little too cheap to constantly dress him up in the latest fashion trends. It’s also quite a bit of work getting him in and out of tops and pants. Our lives are so much easier when we simply throw him into a romper and zip or button him up. Easy peasy. Not to mention the number of times a day his explosive poops leak out of the supposedly “long lasting protection” Huggies diapers he wears.

So when we (more like I, the mommy) do make the effort to dress him up all sharp like that, we made sure we captured like 20 over shots of him in this. Will this photo make it to Children With Swag dot tumblr dot com??? MMmm. It will certainly make it to my children with swag album. 😉


This is a follow up post to the one below, about the surprises I received on the leap year day. I ordered a stash of stylishly looking bandana bibs from the UK for Benji and they arrived yesterday, much earlier than I had expected! This is great because Benji’s been soaking through his already existing bibs much faster than I can wash them, AND we have family visiting from out of town this weekend and it’ll be nice to have Benji look stylishly fresh to meet them.

Can’t wait to put them on Benji!


20120225-173620.jpgGot this cool messenger boy hat from H&M kids today for Benji and it kinda transformed him from looking simply cute, to stylish. I love shopping for babywear. I never thought I’d be one of those parents who would care about dressing up their kids but I might very well be one of ’em!!!

On a similar topic, one of my friends forwarded this link on facebook the other day, called Children with Swag. Some really stylish kids with total swag!