Total Elimination Diet

20120412-080641.jpg┬áIn the last week, I tried some foods containing wheat and Benji’s skin started spotting again. While waiting a few more days to try wheat again to confirm my suspicions, I discovered this awesome gluten-free breakfast cereal from Whole Foods. It’s CAD4.95 and because it contains so many different grains, is pretty filling. It also tastes delicious and Benji seems to tolerate it okay even though there may be traces of nuts in there; what a relief because I was getting quite bored with eating breakfast items containing just rice (like rice cakes and rice cereal).

The dairy free milk option for this week is Flax Milk (uh huh, there is such a thing!) which was on offer at Whole Foods (2 for CAD5.00). I like that it has omega-3 and some fat content (more so than rice milk). It tastes like a weaker version of soy milk. Because it is unsweetened, it goes well with the naturally sweetened breakfast cereal, but that’s about it. It’s probably not something I would drink on its own because it is not *that* flavorful. Anyhow, it was quite a good purchase for the price.

PS: So far, Benji seems to be okay with soy, salmon, and nuts. That’s about two and a half of the top eight allergens. Hurray.