Today I had my first exercise class at Preggi Bellies, which as the name already suggests, is a fitness exercise program that caters specifically to pregnant (and post-pregnant) women. I’ve never been one to enjoy the gym or even aerobics classes, preferring instead to exercise outside such as running in the park or by the beach, playing tennis, or doing laps in the swimming pool.

However, as I may have written in a previous post, after being preggers, I’ve been very limited in the types of activities I can do and did not want my fitness level to deteriorate or to put on any unnecessary additional weight. Not to mention that it’s FREEZING here in Melbourne at the moment, so even finding the right day to go power walking without returning with a frozen nose and icy cold hands has been challenging. Read More

IMGP6663 by chertartlet

Since being preggers and especially after my morning sickness had passed, I have tried to be consistent with exercising. Mostly, I’d go power walking for about 30-45 minutes. This trip to the Whitsundays was especially good because we were also able to do some hiking to stretch those muscles and pump up the heart rate a little. Obviously my stamina is not as good as it was before and I have to take more frequent breaks. It was still good, tho, to be out there sweating it out. One of the hotels we stayed at on our trip also had a slightly heated pool. Which was PERFECT; I got to do some laps and felt sooo refreshed afterward. So that’s what I looked like at the start of 21 weeks, totally stretching out my size xs top. 🙂