We’ve been back in Melbourne a week now. I have such mixed feelings being here. It’s our home but I have never completely felt at ease here. And I still don’t. I miss Vancouver a lot, and needless to say, miss our families, both Bry’s and mine.

It’s now winter in the Southern Hemisphere and in just a short week, Benji’s eczema got markedly worse (his skin was wonderfully glowing in Asia, especially in humid Singapore). Lots of other new Benji developments have taken place in this short span: he caught his first cold and had a temperature two nights ago. He seemed better today, though is still slightly congested (only really obvious when he’s feeding). He is showing huge signs of separation anxiety, which is manifested mostly in the night. He now wakes up once every two hours and can only be settled back to sleep by me.

On the plus side, he’s sitting up really well and making fervent attempts at crawling. 🙂

When we first arrived back in Melbourne, my milk supply decreased quite a bit. It was a rather stressful first few days, from saying goodbye to my family and suddenly being by ourselves again, to having to unpack boxes from our storage and “move” back into our place…But thanks to the kind moms who responded to my “plea” – I did try oatmeal, and also ate a lot more food during mealtimes, kept hydrated, and have been going to bed at around 10pm every night. Two days ago, my milk supply seemed to have return – whew.

Apologies if this post sounds negative – I am still feeling somewhat overwhelmed. In the next week, we are starting Benji at a daycare, and I am returning to work one day a week. We might also start him on formula as I’m thinking of weaning him off the breast. Huge milestones, and honestly, I don’t know if they can be achieved without us going out of our minds given how unsettled Benji has become in the last week.

Other “to do”s in the next week: attend a playgroup with Benji – our first in Melbourne, and look out for activities around town to do with him. Basically, we are starting our “mom and baby” life from scratch: will it be just as awesome as our experience in Vancouver?

So I have to confess: I had a pretty big cry on Bry’s shoulder this evening after putting Benji to bed from all the things we’ve had to deal with so far and potential problems to come. I felt better after that meltdown…but yeah, it’s not looking peachy.


This will be the last year we get to celebrate with just the two of us so it was an even more special anniversary. We both took the day off work, and had a lovely time enjoying each other’s company, talking about life, baby, our feelings, and most importantly, remembering the day we committed our lives to each other. I can’t be more grateful to God who made all this possible. Happy Anniversary, Bry! ❤

Dinner date at Izakaya, a Japanese tapas style place.

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On our babymoon at the Whitsundays in North Queensland, we took a day trip out to the world famous Whitehaven Beach and even from afar, could see the amazing sprawl of almost pure white sand on the beach. This is Australia’s cleanest beach. Only about 30+ people are allowed to stay on the island on any given night and you are only permitted to pitch tents to camp there. No dogs, no smoking allowed. The sand is said to be about 98% pure silica, which gives it the white glisten.

It was truly an amazing experience to step foot on this gorgeous island and hang out there for the afternoon.

If you’re ever in Queensland, I highly recommend a trip up North to the Whitsundays and definitely a stopover on the Whitehaven Beach.

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Since being preggers and especially after my morning sickness had passed, I have tried to be consistent with exercising. Mostly, I’d go power walking for about 30-45 minutes. This trip to the Whitsundays was especially good because we were also able to do some hiking to stretch those muscles and pump up the heart rate a little. Obviously my stamina is not as good as it was before and I have to take more frequent breaks. It was still good, tho, to be out there sweating it out. One of the hotels we stayed at on our trip also had a slightly heated pool. Which was PERFECT; I got to do some laps and felt sooo refreshed afterward. So that’s what I looked like at the start of 21 weeks, totally stretching out my size xs top. 🙂

Hello from the Whitsundays Island, Daydream Island! We r here on our babymoon soaking in the warmth whilst Melburnians r freezing their butts off in the cold winter.

Time with just the husband is beautiful n we r enjoying every moment of it before our bundle of joy comes!