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So many Etsians scramble to get this limited page to showcase works of their favorite Etsians. So I decided to try it out for fun and to see if this would give my Etsy shop more exposure. I had so much fun collecting and putting together this little montage! You can check it out here (only till Jan 2).



After playing with resin for weeks, and encountering some failures and some disasters (see previous post), I have finally come up with something that I *think* looks cute and pretty enough to sell. What do you think?



STILL waiting for my supplies. HMMMmm. In the meantime, I have been reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” (thanks for lending me the book, Ying!) which has been a very enjoyable read so far. I have to also go to the library later this afternoon to pick up Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

But before that, I AGAIN went crazy at the beads store this morning. This time, I visited the Beads Company Victoria on Smith Street in Fitzroy. Boy, it’s SUCH a cool shop with a kinda old interior and have some very very old supplies, but mostly new and amazing supplies. And gosh, their shelves go so high you need a ladder to climb to get to some of the beads (think: old timey libraries…or Borders Bookstores!!). I got SOO lost in there. I spent almost two hours digging through stuff, taking beads out and then putting them back…and then taking them out AGAIN. It was a beads wonderland, indeed. Bryan is gonna get a shock when he finds out how much I spent there. (Gulp, I’d better make some sales on Etsy!!)

I tried making a charm necklace and other fun accessories…again, some are listed on Etsy and some are going to friends and family as Christmas presents! Yay!




Just a few of the pendants I made this afternoon. Some people use pre-designed papers, but I did not (except for the one with the bird). These pendants are all personally designed and put together by me. Just ordered even more supplies, specifically, materials to make earrings, magnets, and gift tins. Am so excited to get them!



And here’s one using Snow & Graham’s design…


Here are some of the pendants I personally designed. They can also be made into fridge magnets. I am not sure whether they will sell, but I am showing them here first. I know there are only like five of you reading my blog…so any feedback is much appreciated! ****Updated with new, improved quality photos!!****