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The Queen’s Birthday long weekend was beautifully relaxing for both Bry and me. I decided to revisit my crafting toolbox last night, and made a necklace that I was quite pleased about. I hope to be crafting more in the next couple weeks.


****UPDATE*** This item sold within hours! If you like this and want to purchase it, I can make another for you! Just let me know. Comment here or email me cherylyap81 [!at] .


Chant d’oisseau. USD18. Available on

This is my latest. Featuring a customized vintage style pendant with metal finding bird and rose swarovski crystals. What a beautiful combination.

So it’s supposedly gonna hit 37deg celsius (99F) today. WTH. It’s only 31C (88F) right now n already my apartment feels like an oven. Whew. Maybe this heat will motivate me to work harder…

Come mid-May will be the first time that Bry and I will spend time apart since we got married. He’s going to the US for 10 days to visit his folks while I am going to Singapore for about a week to visit my folks and go on a family vacation with them to Hanoi (Vietnam). While I wish I could visit both the US and Asia, alas, money constraints couldn’t allow (sorry my dearest Americano amigos *pout*).

Anyway, Bry and I started a shopping list for him for when he’s in SoCal:

Things to buy for me – top of the list: COACH stuff!

2) Paper Source papers/ribbons/etc.etc….(the whole store, basically!! It really is the best paper/craft store, ever. )

3) Beads!!!

….and more.

Things to buy for him (and for me) – top of the list: Bottles of CONTACT LENS SOLUTION!

2) Toilet paper

3) Toiletries!!

Seriously. 😉

Bry’s also gonna load up on Mexican food (yummmmm!!!) and homecooked Korean food (yummm, too!!). All I am hoping is that next year comes by faster because I am definitely going to the US then. As it is, I am already getting withdrawal symptoms from not havin/shopping at

  • Huge outlet malls
  • Costco!!
  • In and out burgers
  • Mexican food
  • Paper source stores
  • Bry’s mom’s Korean food
  • 100+channels on cable
  • SoCal sunshine…and
  • The company of my favorite SoCal friends

And of course my post these days cannot be void of Etsy stuff. Here are some of my latest products, just up on


Oro – vintage style necklace with resin pendant (USD20)


Dash of orange – Metal findings with czech glass beads USD12

Sophisticated and beautiful yet clean and simple. That’s the style…Click here to buy these items.

La Belle USD20 or SGD28


Cute little siam swarovski balls topped off on large vintage style black detailed beads.

Fleur et perle USD 22.50 or SGD30


Rare vintage west german floral pendant combined with beautiful fresh water pearl bunches.

Here are more fruits of my labor done on this VERY HOT afternoon. Some are selling on Etsy and some, here on my blog (and on FB). If there’s something you see on Etsy that you like but want to pay in SGD or AUD, please please please email me! cherylyap81 [!at]

Royal Green. USD15 on Etsy.


Pink Flores USD15 on Etsy

Frijoles USD7, SGD10, AUD10

Email: cherylyap81 [!at] to buy


Shapes Galore USD7, SGD10, AUD10

Email: cherylyap81 [!at] to buy


All right! Stay tuned – MORE fun stuff coming up to buy!!

Next post shall be about my cherry pie and lovely Christmas dinner…

Just sold this item for USD13 on Etsy a few days ago!!


And of course a very wonderful buyer helped me out soo much by snapping up 4 items just before Christmas (<3 you!!):

(Displaying 2 of the 4 items she purchased)

USD15 for a set of 3 pendants


USD10 for this gorgeous pendant



I’m now shipping items to AUSTRALIA FOR FREE, to the US, SINGAPORE, and ALL THE PARTS OF THE WORLD for only USD1 (for the first item)!! Hoping this will help me bring my sales up to a lucky TEN before the new year. Do you think it’s possible?????

Please keep supporting my shop! THANK YOU!

I had resin on my hands ALL day today. UGH. It’s SUCH a pain when that happens. I had to scrub my hands a million times to get the sticky stuff off them. :-/ Today was basically a wasted day. I’m NEVER NOT using gloves to deal with resin! NEVER!

However, I still got to squeeze in creating a couple pieces of jewelry:



Precious stones and glass tiles with Swarovski crystals. What a lovely combination.

Aight, gonna try to hit the Vic Mart tomorrow morning @ 730. Better get ready for bed now.