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And remembering the real story behind this season from Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Thank you for giving us this season full of hope love and peace.


Our Christmas dinner was really nice and mellow. We had three friends over for dinner, then played some mahjong. My dinner menu, as mentioned in my previous post, was also a big hit (yay!). I made cream of broccoli soup, green beans casserole, and a cherry pie all for the first time. And THANKFULLY they turned out well.


TWO more days to the new year. Crazy!

This is our first Christmas as a married couple. It’s nice!!! Opened our presents this morning then went to church…and now we’re going to start preparing for our Christmas dinner!

A very Blessed Christmas to all. Happy feasting, holidaying, familying, and remembering the birth of our Savior. 🙂

Chau for now.


Went shopping this morning @ around 8 for food to make @ our Christmas dinner , and GOSH was the Vic Mart packed full of people rushing to get their orders for their feasting sessions. Thereafter, went to a friend’s place to bake gingerbread men cookies. They were so fun to bake and decorate…and to eat! 🙂 I might try making oatmeal cookies tomorrow, too, if I have the motivation. I love the holiday season!


It’s gonna be a busy week ahead…we have Christmas eve dinner @ my cousin’s, then Christmas service at church on Christmas morning, then possibly lunch @ some church member’s house…and then we host our own Christmas dinner @ our place.

Finally got a Christmas dinner menu!

  • Garlic bread (because we ❤ bread AND garlic)
  • Broccoli and cheese soup
  • Roast chicken with wild mushroom and bread/rice stuffing (from the success I had at Thanksgiving!!)
  • Beans casserole
  • Cherry pie
  • Apple crumble (per request of a guest)

And sometime this week (before Thurs) a friend and I are gonna bake Christmas cookies together. YAY! I am gonna try baking gingerbread men, some rolled oat cookies, and maybe some cherry spiced cookies if there is such a thing (to use up my cherries!!).

I love the Christmas season! Let the feasting begin continue!!! And of course let us not forget the true meaning behind the season…the birth of our Savior. 🙂

What a busy last two days it has been. It hit me immediately after our vacation that I had 1.5 days to get all my pendants/earrings/magnets done and sorted to ship to the US and to Singapore. On top of that, I also had to do laundry, reply emails, upload photos from our trip (for the families and friends), and start looking for Christmas dinner recipes. I wish there were 30 hours in a day for me!

This morning my living room looked like a tornado swept past it: papers, tools, and jewelry supplies sprawled everywhere. But the dust is now all settled and I’ve shipped out everything this afternoon. Whew!

Six days to Christmas: OMG! Am I the only one thinking that December is going by too quickly??  Here are some little gifts around my apartment…

Apples the elephant – a gift I got for myself, from fellow Etsy seller Whispylove. How absolutely adorable!


Presents from our San Diego pals Ellen and Matt – our first gifts under our Christmas tree!


I am still trying to figure out how 2008 almost slipped by me without notice; it’s already DECEMBER! WTH! Well, to usher in the holiday month, here’s a photo of our rocking reindeer I’d like to christen Ronaldo. Happy Holiday Season, y’all. Enjoy all the goodness this holiday season will bring, and remember it’s also a season for giving, especially to those less fortunate than you!

Ronaldo the Rocking Reindeer