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All right, so I caved in and ingested *some* caffeine this weekend. I have been on a good anti-coffee streak for about 2 trimesters until recently. Coffee in this town is simply too good to resist; in fact, I’m surprised I managed to hold out for so long. Since about 2 months ago, I’ve been drinking coffee maybe….once a fortnight as a “treat” to myself and also because I’ve just been feeling more and more lackadaisical from sleepless nights and baby weight. (Btw, it’s quite safe for pregnant women to drink limited amounts of coffee containing between 150mg-300mg caffeine. I just chose to avoid it completely for awhile, just in case. For more information, click here.)

This new cafe, Market Lane Coffee, at the Victoria Market in Melbourne serves exceptional coffee and I’m glad I got a cappuccino from them! They also sell some pretty cool coffee brewing devices and some really wonderful coffee beans. They’re on Therry Street next to the market. Apparenty there’s also another outlet at the Prahran Market. These cute little cafes serving quality food and drink are really what make Melbourne such a great food town…and me, a very contented foodie.


Did I also say that I roasted my own coffee beans again this morning??!!!

I finally tried roasting my own coffee beans today!

Yes, my coffee consumption habits seem to be moving toward one often associated with elitist gourmet type snobbery. In my defense, I would like to say that…I can REALLY taste a difference between instant coffee, freshly brewed coffee, freshly ground and brewed coffee, freshly ground and brewed in a french press (or plunger) coffee, and now, freshly roasted, ground, and brewed in a french press/plunger coffee. And there is no way my taste buds can take anything less anymore.

Am I nuts? No. (Although if you ask Bryan he may tell you otherwise. Heh.) I just love GOOD coffee too much AND I just happen to have a lot of free time.

Here are photos documenting my little experiment! I tried the skillet method from Sweet Maria’s Home Roasting site.


Raw, green coffee beans from New Guinea


Coffee beans roasting in the hot skillet


Roasted coffee beans with chaff still on


Roasted coffee beans cooling down

Quite a success! Although the coffee beans weren’t roasted as evenly as I had hoped; as you can see, some beans are lighter than others. It kind of works out for me, actually, because I enjoy a mixture of darkly and lightly roasted coffee beans anyway. But next time, I will be more aggressive in mixing the beans in the pan for a more even result; it’s a skill! I would recommend this to anyone who cares enough about coffee. It’s really fun! You will get the best, freshest, and most satisfying cup of coffee ever, and your apartment will smell of coffee all afternoon! MMMmmhmm. 😉

Here are photos from our little coffee date out in St. Kilda this past Monday afternoon…


So many choices, so little stomach space!! And this was just ONE of the MANY shops that had this tempting display.


In the end, we picked out a raspberry slice and a hazelnut and chocolate cake. Very nice! But poor Bry had insomnia that night from the espresso shot he couldn’t resist having with his sweets. Aww.