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We’re going away again. This time, back to the state of Queensland, but somewhere a little further north of the Gold Coast, to Brisbane and then even further north, to Noosa. Bry will be giving a talk at one of the university seminars in Brisbane, and I’ll just be…tagging along (that’s what wives do, right?).

Today, besides heading to the VicMart to shop for fresh produce, meats, some amazing (albeit expensive) French brie, and some awesome sourdough bread, and reading “Outliers” by Gladwell and finishing up “The Audacity of Hope” by Obama, I’ll be looking up accommodations for Brisbane and Noosa. Noosa is famous for its beautiful beach and is apparently a great surfing spot. Great for me to make my 101st attempt at this sport.

Doesn’t this look AMAZING?!?? (Photo from this person’s blog.)


Also, while I’m blogging, I would like to show you what my next little Etsy purchase will be:

These Lemon Drop Felted Wool and Zipper Earrings from the very talented LondiCreations:


So cute! I love them so very much. She’s got lots of other really unique and lovely items, too. Do drop by and have a look! 🙂

All right, gotta go start my day. Chau for now.


Here’s a peak into a custom-ordered item…featuring a teardrop Swarovski crystal, bicone Swarovski crystals, Czech pressed glass, and a plastic flower cab…I personally LOVE it; what do you think?


Doing your own business is exciting and many times challenging. Sure, I run just a tiny little online store that last month, in profits, made uhm…less than the price of a dress, but somehow still keeps me pretty busy all day! I just read through one of my posts from last month, that I set a sales goal of 40. I’m pleased to report that I *nearly* hit that target! I got 35 new sales! YAY!

This month, I’m gonna set it a little more realistically. Amidst all the doom and gloom of the financial situation in the real world and also the fact that there are so many more people setting shop on Etsy PLUS the fact that I’m probably gonna start my SLP work soon *fingers crossed*, I’m gonna set a sales goal of 20. Sales for this past week has been really S L O W. I have ordered a bunch of new supplies and when they arrive, am gonna have ooh! so many new items to add. I’m excited. In the meantime, I do hope you continue supporting my store and coming in to browse my current collection!

I have also been seriously thinking and praying about making some contributions from my sales, to missions and/or to a charity organization. I’ve been really touched by charity organizations and by stories of people who dedicate their lives to better that of other people. I’ve supported or am supporting, specifically, Sally Kurian, a friend of mine who is a missionary to Thailand, OxFam, an organization that tries to better the working conditions of labor in third world countries (and more), Love Without Boundaries, an organization based in China that runs orphanages as well as Cleft lip and palate homes for babies (and more). Now, I’m in the midst of reading “There is no me without you,” a book about the AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia and am so touched by efforts by the people who are working with these children with AIDS or orphans whose parents died of AIDS.

There are so many, so many people born in less fortunate environments than us who, when they’re born, already think they have no hope in this world. Sometimes, I read about how some pet owners indulge in their pets – carry them around in LV bags, buy them expensive leashes – and feel rather sad when I think about how some children in other countries run around with no shoes or no money to get medical treatment. While I try not to judge – you are free to spend YOUR money however you please and to some people, pets are just as important as the human race, I still feel a tinge of sadness that more is not done for the human race. I used to feel sympathetic and think “these poor children!” but now, I realize that these people do not need our sympathies. Instead, they need our respect to treat them as humans who deserve the same things we’ve been getting: the clothes, the shoes, the food, the education, the love…and seeing these situations through this new lens has made me more committed to GIVING.

I realize I cannot save the world (only God can), and that poverty, sadness, will always abound until the Lord comes. But I also realize that every little bit of help is better than nothing. Giving even one person the hope in an eternal God, the hope of surviving birth defect or illness, the hope that they, too, deserve to have loving parents, is better than giving no hope to anybody.

So while I set my sales target for Etsy at 20 this month, I am also setting a new resolution for my store: to dedicate 10% of my profit from every sale to a charity or missions organization and stick with it for the next year. I’ll update y’all when I’ve made a decision!! 🙂


NEW! Li’l resting tweets USD15 @

***ALSO this weekend I’m having a SPECIAL! Free pair of earrings with ANY necklace purchase!!!*** Remember to drop by. 🙂

I can hear that song ringing through my head right now…it’s been 3 days and my Etsy sales somehow still hasn’t made it to the 100 mark. Oh, well. Keep the faith! ;-D

Here’s a new pair of earrings I just added today. USD15 or SGD23.50 – so pretty!

I also have 25% off on all my items in my SALE section. I will NOT be renewing these items after this month because of the new direction I’m going with in my store, so hurry! Not much more time left for these cute items.

So many people have been asking me if I am gonna stop creating once I find a job, and my answer is: NO! 🙂

Cherbie’s Creations will still go on for as long as possible…in fact, I have been working on a second store, featuring fun and cute jewelry like these fabric covered ear studs…I just haven’t found the courage to upload them and start it rolling yet.


USD5.50 per pair…

In the meantime, my Cherbie Etsy Store hit NINETY sales today!!! YAaay! Although I’m still not making any profit, it’s nice to know that I’m possibly doing something right…