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Attended Bry’s work function dinner in my newly purchased ol’ (vintage) Etsy dress from Pom Pom Clothing. Loved the material, the design, the make, and of course the fit (despite the baby bump). I also changed my store bought earrings to match the dress.


Feeling better today. Got to eat solid foods and kept them all in. Sunnyboy’s excited that mommy’s better, I think; he’s been moving about non-stop all day!

Took out my craft toolbox and put together a couple necklaces. Here’s one I’m quite excited about. The photo didn’t come out as clearly as I had hoped but will use a proper camera to take it again tomorrow along with some of the other stuff I made.

I’ve forgotten how much I love beads and making jewelry. Guess what else I’ll be doing on maternity leave. 🙂

Just as I was feeling better from the bad cold/flu that hit me all of last week, I fell sick again today. We’re still unsure if it’s food poisoning or a gastric flu, but I was throwing up pretty badly for about 3 hours and was unable to keep anything down. I had to take a half day off work (again) and see the doctor for a jab to quell the nausea and stop the vomiting. Well, I’ve been feeling better since and able to eat small portions, but am slightly weak from the lack of food in my system. Thankfully sunnyboy is doing okay. Both the midwife at my Obstetrician’s office and the GP I visited have reassured me that the pregnancy is still going fine. WHEW. Bry’s also been absolutely lovely, keeping me company at home, driving me to the doctor’s, cooking for me…

To help me feel better about me, I did some Etsy therapy and put a few dresses into my favorites. I may buy some things tonight to brighten my mood.

From DayLiliesVintage

Check out more dresses I hearted! Read More


The Queen’s Birthday long weekend was beautifully relaxing for both Bry and me. I decided to revisit my crafting toolbox last night, and made a necklace that I was quite pleased about. I hope to be crafting more in the next couple weeks.

i found a saturday job working @ a nice n well stocked private clinic not too far from where we live. i never thought i’d do early intervention but i think i’m quite open to it now! i also see a couple of kids with autism, which has been awesome.

this last week i’ve been feeling sick. it started with a scratchy throat on tuesday. then the chills on wednesday. when i thought i was getting better on thursday, my nose gave way on fri. and today, after my sat sessions dealing with a couple of the clients who have been sick the last few days, the flu erupted. 😦

i’ll probably have to give church a miss tomorrow. but it’s imperative that i stay home n make sure i’m en route to recovery before starting up another busy week on monday.

anyhow, being sick means i get to spend time in front of my computer. updating my blog, catching up on news, updating my FB status once every other hour, and, most importantly, SHOPPING ONLINE! saw a bag @ banana republic that i REALLY want, and some tops from forever 21 that i would’ve bought if i were in the US of A. oh, i miss shopping in america. ugh.

but, well, i did buy stuff online – two tops from, run by a haley, clothing designer and maker based in melbourne, victoria – i love her OOAK upcycled clothing. and better yet, she has 30% off storewide this weekend only. so go check out her store NOW.


(one of my favorite tops in her store, only going for USD 70 before 30% discount. but too bad the size L aint gonna fit me, a size 0!!)

Last weekend, one of my items was featured on the FP of Etsy and got me some much needed exposure and brought in some sales for me: Thanks, Etsy!!


Honey & Olive Bracelet – sold and relisted on

Last week, I started my journey into my Speech-Language Pathology career.  Yes, Finally! Thank you all who have supported me on this blog the last year, encouraging me and lifting me up when I felt down and out during my longer than expected wait for approval of my overseas credentials. I am now employed to provide speech and language services to eight different primary schools in a school district. It’s challenging, and the caseload is definitely a lot bigger than what most people are used to in California (thanks to state laws there limiting caseload sizes), but I’m loving every minute of it.

This weekend, I fly to Singapore to see my family and then fly with them to Vietnam for a Yap family only vacation for a few days. (Yes, I’m taking a vacation merely 2 weeks after commencing my job. Go ahead, envy me!!!) I’m looking forward to it, and oddly enough, I’m also looking forward to returning to Melbourne at the end of the month to see Bry again! We would’ve been apart for a little over 2 weeks by the time we meet again at the end of this month. Yes, we did the whole long distance relationship across continents during our younger days, and even lived in different cities up until we got married, but I have gotten so used to waking up next to Bry every morning in the last 8 month,s that…not having him around the last week has been a little…odd. ^^

So those are the updates from me. I might drop by to say “HI” while in Singapore or in Vietnam. In the meantime, do continue to check out Cherbie’s Creations online @, and browse other fabulous finds on Etsy!!!

¡Hola! I haven’t forgotten about this blog – the last couple weeks have just been rather busy and filled with so many new developments almost every other day that even I haven’t had the time to keep up with them. I won’t go into the details of these “new developments” until next week when the dust settles. But, I will share on this blog a few things besides Etsy that kept me busy:

– Working @ the hospital. I was put to work at the Aged Care Ward, conducting swallowing assessments and reviews. Many people are scared to work with the geriatric population and to be honest, before January 2008, I was one of them. I was scared to even work in a hospital, where everything moves SO quickly. While Bry’s side of the family n friends is filled with doctors and some very, very smart people (we’re talking VERY smart) and I feel almost comfortable dealing with them, I was still nervous to have to deal with nurses and, even worse, doctors rambling names of diseases, medications, anatomies, that I may have heard of  and have to remember if it is crucial history. But my worries were for nothing. The hospital internship @ Arcadia totally changed that view. I LOVED it there. My supervisors and all the other staff working there were so friendly, knowledgeable, but never intimidating. Sure, a few doctors were a little !@#$%! but most of them were wonderful! But my favorite people were my patients. And I was delighted that my time @ the Aged Care Ward was a similar experience. Sure, some of the patients there were a lot more delirious and demented than the ones I saw in Arcadia, but they were still lovely, and (my grad school supervisors might be horrified if they ever read this…) cute. Totally cute. I do hope to work in the hospitals again someday.

– Vacationing in Brissy/Noosaville/Noosa. WONDERFUL. Brisbane city is such a pretty town, new, modern architecture, and very very pleasant. Of course the warm weather made the trip there even better, considering how F-in’ cold Melbourne is these days. Noosaville, a riverside town, and Noosa, a beachside town, were even better. Pristine beaches, beautiful parks, and best of all, very little crowd. Such a relaxing getaway!


– PURCHASING A CAR. YES, we got a CAR!! And we got a Toyota Corolla Hatchback. Whee! It’s white, about 2 years old but looks brand new, and is very cute (different cuteness from the cute mentioned earlier). My old ’98 Corolla Sedan will always have first place in my heart as far as car love affairs go, but this new one has swept me off my feet!

– Planning my vacation back to Singapore!! WHOOOT! I failed to mention to friends on FB that I’ll be in Vietnam for a good chunk of that one week back in South-East Asia. :-/ But hopefully I’ll get to visit Sg again before the end of the year with Bryan.

Bry’s leaving for LA soon! I’m so bummed I can’t go with him. I still dream about SoCal all the time (and if you read my backposts you can see n feel my obsession with CalifoRRRnia). Hopefully we will get to go there this year end. SO many places to visit, so little money and time!! Boo.

Speaking of time, got to go now. More updates hopefully soon. Currently reading “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” by David Wroblewski. Along with “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawson. And do remember to check out my handmade jewelry @: – 10% off all items this weekend!