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Thank you, DoodleFly, for picking my item – Blue Chrysanthemum Ring – for your treasury! I love the colors in this treasury; all the other finds were also absolutely gorgeous. Check it out here!


Also, I’m going to resume my committment to feature other Etsians on my blog, really soon. Sorry I’ve been lagging!


So many people have been asking me if I am gonna stop creating once I find a job, and my answer is: NO! 🙂

Cherbie’s Creations will still go on for as long as possible…in fact, I have been working on a second store, featuring fun and cute jewelry like these fabric covered ear studs…I just haven’t found the courage to upload them and start it rolling yet.


USD5.50 per pair…

In the meantime, my Cherbie Etsy Store hit NINETY sales today!!! YAaay! Although I’m still not making any profit, it’s nice to know that I’m possibly doing something right…

Keeping up with my committment to feature other Etsy sellers. Here are a couple of new finds on Etsy!!!


Sybil brooch USD9 on

All right now how can anyone possible resist this little munchkin!???!!!! I want to buy one to pet, love, and store away nicely…and maybe to occassionally wear. Smeeta has other super cute items in her store. You really won’t regret spending the next few minutes browsing there…go on, click on


Red and Gray plaid fabric button necklace USD25 on

My latest obsession is plaid designs and this one took plaid and mixed it with lace and other fun vintage buttons to make a cutely designed necklace! Check it out!


Sweet Dreams Baby Rag Pillow only USD10 at

I love the fresh colors and patterns on this pillow! In fact…I am considering buying it for *myself*!! This seller also has other fun items like ponytail holders, bobby pins, and fashionable headbands! I’ve shopped with her before so I know her items are great and so is she!


Love Blossoms USD20 at

I love the way the petals fold out and the bead cap that fits perfectly on the flower. Lovely earrings! They also look nice and light, which is always a bonus.

A mosquito kept both Bry and I up almost all night. UGH. My brain is functioning very very slowly today. But not slow enough to stop me from shopping on Etsy! Look what I found today:


Nourishing Chinese Rainfall – Aloe and Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter USD4.50 for one bar only at

Having used aloe vera straight up from the aloe plant, I *DO* believe in the wonders of this natural remedy. It really helped heal my wounds faster and was oh, so soothing. Shea butter of course has always worked wonders for me…not to mention, the color of this soap also looks so genteel and soft, ah, I can almost smell its fragrance! Ah, if I weren’t on a buying freeze I would…like…one, por favor!


This vintage fabric has such delightful prints and the bird is so perfectly cute! Need I say more?

Iron on fun… only USD 4.50 at

There are so many talented, helpful, friendly, and wonderful Etsians out there, I so want to help them get more sales. But since I have limited CASH,…I can do my small part by featuring their work on my blog to give them just a little more publicity and hope that this will consequently bring to them more customers!


This is such a beautiful n well made brooch…it looks almost real!

Peach Posey Pin USD22.00 from


I ❤ Swarovski crystals and silver wires, and this green and silver combination looks so fresh and pretty.

The Nautilus Spirals Earrings – First Leaf USD15.00 from


These vintage looking leaves are so compatible with the pearls. Romantic and loveleiii indeed!

Apollonia Earrings, Antiqued Brass and Pearl USD20 at


Who doesn’t love birds? This is such a great color combination, too. Just a bit of brightness to go with the bit of nature.

Sparrows in Almond Wristlet Handbag Cosmetic Bag USD22 at

I hope the title was constructed properly! Learning how to conjugate special verbs, and sentences with direct and indirect objects in Spanish can be really tricky.

Anyhow, YES, I do love receiving parcels! Yesterday, I got my fabric purchase from alittlegoodness in Japan. Honestly, everything from Japan is just so much cuter.


Check out the mailing tape below! Kawaii!!