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Feeling better today. Got to eat solid foods and kept them all in. Sunnyboy’s excited that mommy’s better, I think; he’s been moving about non-stop all day!

Took out my craft toolbox and put together a couple necklaces. Here’s one I’m quite excited about. The photo didn’t come out as clearly as I had hoped but will use a proper camera to take it again tomorrow along with some of the other stuff I made.

I’ve forgotten how much I love beads and making jewelry. Guess what else I’ll be doing on maternity leave. 🙂


I hope I’ll never ever ever ever lose my passion for this job. I’m continually fascinated by the different disorders I deal with: there’s still so much out there to learn, and I get excited just thinking about possibilities. There’s also still so much advocating and educating of teachers and parents about best ways to work with children with speech, language and literacy difficulties, I still get excited thinking about this potential.

AND…of course, the kids – those mostly lovable, cute, innocent, and at times germy and annoying creatures. 🙂 They enthrall me the most. I truly believe that proper instruction and guidance can make a huge difference, especially when they have a language/speech delay or disorder…but It’s not always a walk in the park (especially when working for a big public organization); your best intentions may be met by resistance: you feel unappreciated at times by teachers and parents, bureaucracy gets in your way, and you butt heads with other people who have different agendas…it’s easy to be desensitized in an environment where making a difference or any significant change in a child, a system or teaching mentality is tough. It’s too easy to become jaded.

That’s why I look for little things to keep me excited about speech pathology (other than reading great research and talking to more knowledgeable and equally passionate speechies), such as…:

1. Thank you notes from students…

2. And having a like minded and fun coworker who also bakes! Getting that sugar rush from home made cupcakes (yum!) with personalized geeky IPA transcriptions…


Happy Australian Speech Pathology Week! 🙂

okay so this post is like a day late. i’ve been too busy with non virtual activities to keep on top of things here. anyway, much to my disappointment, (which i had already anticipated) halloween in australia is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. pun unintended. we went to a restaurant dressed up in outfits (that weren’t even too outlandish) and realized we were the only ones dressed up for the occasion apart from the servers and a candy dispensing transformer dude (who, by the way, was awesome).


yes, yes, i was super lazy and went with my cowgirl outfit for the second time and promise it will be my LAST TIME doing that. next year i’ll plan ahead and really get a fun or at least different costume going. yes.

despite the lack of halloween spirit in this town (again pun unintended), we still had fun just being out there and representin’. but i miss how ridiculously big it is in the US. i miss having cutely dressed up kids come over trick or treating. hopefully next year we’ll see more people dressed for the occasion.


hope you had all the candy, pumpkin seeds, apple cider, laughs, spooks, and boooze till you’re hurting the next morning.

Last year’s Thanksgiving was especially memorable because it was the last time I got to cook a really nice meal for the people who were like my family during my time in San Diego. (Photo is missing my Frenchie Nao, who had to leave early for a dance practice that day…)


Also, Ellen reminded me that a snapshot of my food apparently appeared on the homepage of Yahoo Singapore (so said my parents and uncle; coz they saw me in one of the pictures and Ellen was also surprised by the large number of views she got on those photos).


This year’s Thanksgiving is gonna be sooo different. Probably non-existent. :*-/

My aching right arm is definitely a consequence of too much Wii.

To make things even better, guess who just bought a copy of Cooking Mama on