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Feeling better today. Got to eat solid foods and kept them all in. Sunnyboy’s excited that mommy’s better, I think; he’s been moving about non-stop all day!

Took out my craft toolbox and put together a couple necklaces. Here’s one I’m quite excited about. The photo didn’t come out as clearly as I had hoped but will use a proper camera to take it again tomorrow along with some of the other stuff I made.

I’ve forgotten how much I love beads and making jewelry. Guess what else I’ll be doing on maternity leave. 🙂


Thank you, DoodleFly, for picking my item – Blue Chrysanthemum Ring – for your treasury! I love the colors in this treasury; all the other finds were also absolutely gorgeous. Check it out here!


Also, I’m going to resume my committment to feature other Etsians on my blog, really soon. Sorry I’ve been lagging!

I am throwing in a 15% off on ALL my other jewelry (other than glass tile ones). Oh, yes, shipping is USD1 only to all other destinations outside Australia and Singapore.

FREE shipping to the Australia and Singapore.

Shop with me! Special ends Jan 11, 1159pm US PST.

Bamboo in pendant design SOLD OUT. More of this design and more gorgeous designs in store a week/a week and a half from Monday Jan 12!!


Available again in week of January 19.

OMG, this helped me get so many more hearts and sales today! I checked my email after getting home late from drinks and late night supper with friends and almost fell off the couch when I saw SEVEN new sales since the last time I looked at my account (which was about 3-4 hours before!!).

Thank you so much, ETSY admins!!! And thank you so much, Sina, for explaining to me this sudden surge in goodness-es.


Go look! And check out other Etsy sellers’ store specials, too!!! 🙂

So many Etsians scramble to get this limited page to showcase works of their favorite Etsians. So I decided to try it out for fun and to see if this would give my Etsy shop more exposure. I had so much fun collecting and putting together this little montage! You can check it out here (only till Jan 2).