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Music has been reported to benefit baby’s brain development by creating new pathways and at times also soothing them when they’re fussy. We have been playing lots of children’s songs and classical music to Benji and he really enjoys listening to them. But let’s be honest here: how many of us are going a bit crazy now having listened to “5 little ducks” for the hundredth time?!!

We are always on the prowl for new music for him and a friend of mine sent me to this totally rad website: Rock-a-bye baby, that sells “pop” music for babies. I laughed so hard for the first few minutes after landing on the site. Lullaby renditions of rock music?!! They were actually really enjoyable! Not that I liked Bob Marley’s songs before, but with Rockabyebaby, we can now listen to Bob Marley without feeling guilty or feeling like we need to censor any lyrics.

I’m actually eyeing the one for Weezer. Also digging the cutesy graphics on the CD cover. Only about $17. Soon daddy and mommy can enjoy their favorite tunes and share them – guilt free – with Benji!


That’s all” by Michael Buble is a must listen. What a beautiful song that conjures images of cozy winter nights, strolling the streets of The City or some suburb in Pennsylvania, fireplaces, old-timey movies…

…AND, it’s 17C (62F) outside right now. Damn reality.

Cher: Did you hear about the end of TRL?

Bry: Yeah, I read about that…

Cher: How sad!! (Blah blah blah…) Sigh. A few years later, I’m gonna feel old when I talk to kids and they don’t know about TRL.

Bry: I was just about to say, you know you’re young when you care about TRL.

Cher: Didn’t you watch TRL in its early years??

Bry: No, not really…

Cher: How old were you when TRL started?! (Started in ’98)

Bry: About 24.

Cher: !!!!!!!

TRL aired its final episode on November 16. What!! :-/

I haven’t seen an episode of TRL in quite awhile and haven’t been closely following pop culture news hence I didn’t know this until today:

Oh, all those evenings in my parents’ living room in Singapore watching TRL and thinking “these screaming teenage girls outside the TRL studio in Times Square are KA-RAZZY,” but also secretly jealous of these kids living in The City. I remember watching so many fun interviews and learning of new music videos from this show. It was also the show that, for some time, had a Korean American host, the really pretty SuChin Pak; that was a big plus to watch (especially since there are so few Asian Americans on television and probably none other on MTV-type shows!).

*Sniffs* RIP.

Seriously. Cannot. Think. Or. Breathe. Or. Do. Anything. AND IT’S NOT EVEN SUMMERTIME. WHAT!!!

Speaking of heat, whatever happened to the band “Hot Hot Heat”??? Their album “Elevator” was superb, and after that…???

And speaking of Indie bands…I’m not sure if I can post this yet but I’ve been keeping this urge to blog about it for too long. Gotta bloop it out now but will do so without mentioning names…one of the bands my two music fanatica friends are managing made it to the SXSW 2009 lineup!!!! Their music is really good and Bry and I are sooooo eggggcited for them. We’re *really* hoping they can come up with ’nuff money to go to Texas. Ah, if only we were still in the States, can totally go catch their act and hang out with the hippies together. Eh, can I mention names already??? 🙂

All right…as you can see the heat has made me really incoherent. I should stop. Ahora.

It really does. A familiar song or tune almost always triggers a memory of a time in my life (when I had that particular song on loop; I’m one of those obsessive compulsive music listeners). For example, Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” reminds me of my time interning at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia because I always had that song on my iPod when driving to work (smile); and Daft Punk songs reminded me of their amazing concert Bryan and I attended in 2007 and also of my time spent with my Frenchie friends. Oh, the list can go on! 🙂

Ever since I sold my precious little Corolla and left SoCal (didn’t have to drive or sit in traffic anymore!), I hardly ever turned on my iPod or touched my music collection in my iTunes. Today, I decided to resurrect that collection while mucking around on the internet at the Melbourne University library, and was at all smiles when I heard some of the songs of these artists that brought back great memories of the last few years…(okay, last decade, probably!!!):

  • Interpol (those dating days with Bryan)
  • Lupe Fiasco (already mentioned earlier)
  • Jamaroquai (working at Self Leadership International, with ex-boss turned good friend Zurina Bryant and one of my favorite Frenchies, Audrey)
  • The Gotan Project (those weekend drives up to Santa Barbara to spend time with Bryan)
  • Abba (Secondary school days; wedding planning days)
  • The Beatles (poly days!)
  • Michael Jackson (poly days!)
  • Maroon 5 (work days at Profero, time spent in San Diego, and my cousin Tammy who, like me, was obsessed with Adam Levine..heh)

Catching a concert at the Hollywood Bowl is such a treat! My first trip to the Hollywood Bowl reminded me of one of the reasons why people live in big cities: to wine, dine, and indulge in the arts scene. Angelenos brought their dinner baskets, complete with wine, and dined on the lawn, stairs, wooden benches, or anywhere they could find a place to hang out.

The atmosphere was relaxed, yet civilized and felt sorta bourgeois – minus the snobbery. We caught the jazz band, Jazz @ the Lincoln Center, with a guest appearance by Willie Nelson (country + jazz was an odd but totally compatible combo, as the crowd there could attest to). AND of course, the famous shell looked gorgeous and grand when all lit up after nightfall.

We’re definitely making our way back to the Bowl during our trip back to SoCal next summer!