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The Queen’s Birthday long weekend was beautifully relaxing for both Bry and me. I decided to revisit my crafting toolbox last night, and made a necklace that I was quite pleased about. I hope to be crafting more in the next couple weeks.


Twas really busy Sunday and Monday with Easter activities in church and with hanging out with my cousin’s family. We had my nephews (or second cousins?) for a sleepover at our place. It was fun and we had a good time playing computer games, board games, chatting, and making pizzas. Today, I unwind from all that: it’s back to Etsying, and looking for jobs. Because I’ve always been blessed with job opportunities in the past, I didn’t realize how long job hunting could take – till now. In fact, there aren’t even too many jobs to hunt for. So I just sit and wait for calls from places that already have my application. It’s S L O W. Looks like I will not be practicing until maybe June.

Anyway, I’m also a little Etsied out (again), and after today’s new listing, I will probably not be making anything new for awhile. Today will be devoted to reading “The Audacity of Hope” by Obama, and studying Spanish.


Rosalina Necklace USD22 on

Another really sweet n pretty necklace! Dulce Maria Necklace..USD28 (SGD38) only on


This week is gonna be a really busy one for me! Looking forward to it! As I’m getting closer to getting a job, I’ve started adding even more to my favorites, stuff (not supplies!!) I wanna get from Etsy with my first paycheck. Cannot wait!!!!!  🙂

I’m currently listening to Daft Punk/Kanye West’s “Stronger.” It is such a great song…who would’ve thought electronic and hip-hop would blend so well together??? Everytime I listen to it, I also remember my ex-roommate Mieko coz she used to play it A LOT in her little red Ford…Tu me manque, Mieko-san! (*Waves*).