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This coming weekend, I’m going to offer another special in my shop in celebration of:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. The new president of the U.S.A (i.e., the world – com’on, let’s be real now)
  3. Australia Day (hey, when in Rome, right)

I’ve already posted my store specials on the Etsy Forums and am hoping that once the Etsy finds guide goes out, people will find my store special thread and SHOP with me.

What’s the special? Just enter the promotional code “Shop makeover” when you checkout the item and you’ll receive 10% OFF your purchase (in addition to the special shipping prices – see STORE). Sale items are listed under the “Sale” section.

My glass tile pendants are also going on special – 2 for USD17 again!! This weekend only.

In anticipation of all that, I NEED to do a few things to my store:

  1. Re-do my banner – yes, my banner sucks…been meaning to work on it but can never find the time to!
  2. Re-do my avatar – I’m sick of using product shots….hmmm
  3. Add even MORE items to my store

Of course, I don’t know how much traffic will come through my store that day but hey you never know, right? : )

Here’s my newest item, just listed this afternoon…


Springtime Eugenia only USD17.50 @

We’re going to TRY to drag out asses out to Federation Square in a few hours (@3a.m. Melbourne Australian time, to be specific). So, I’m going to bed now.



Bryan: Did you see that picture on the NY times: “The Audacity of Soap”?

11:00 AM me: no holdon
Bryan: We can go to Fed Sq tonight at 3 am:
11:02 AM i want an obama soap!
me: OMG
(go to fed square)
Bryan: i think so.
me: (and get an obama soap)
Bryan: maybe get a nap in early, head out around 2 am?
11:03 AM we’ll prolly have to walk or cab it.
me: YEs
11:04 AM Bryan: the audacity of soap.
so good!
We were originally kinda bummed when we couldn’t find the listings of any free to air TV broadcasts of Obama’s inauguration here in Australia but now that we know some place in the city is airing it, we are totally going!
And yes, we are also getting the audacity of soap. It is too awesome. This is my fav:
I’ve been looking at pictures on the NYtimes of Obama’s tour, and seeing all those happy and excited faces in the crowds of people going to catch a glimpse of the soon to be president is hyping me up for the big day tomorrow! It’s amazing to me how SO many people are excited about Obama…I mean, even Melbourne (Australia) is having a little celebration for it. Which got me thinking…if Jesus came to earth today would people be as excited?? All right, off tangent. On another (slightly) off tangent note, I’ve also been obsessing (again) about Obama’s superstar speech writer Jon Favreau; what I simply can’t get over is that he is only 6 months older than me. AND that he’s quite a good looker. Now, that’s just NOT FAIR. 😉

These Japanese people were apparently campaigning hard for Barack in their little sleepy fishing town of Obama. According to this news article, people have even started selling fish burgers with Obama’s name after the presidential campaign started heating up. How cute!

AND, being industrious Asians, these Japanese have also apparently started making plans to cash in on Obama’s win to boost the town’s name and bring in more visitors:


“Yes, we can!!” What an awesome night it was. Sure, I think John McCain deserved better. His speech tonight was so gracious and down to earth, I couldn’t help but wish that he somehow pulled it off. Tho…NOT with Palin as his running mate. Maybe if the clocks were rewound…and there was no Obama and if McCain was a few years younger…

Anyhow, for once, I wish I was American to vote in this election. Who wouldn’t have gotten goose bumps after listening to Obama’s “Yes, we can!” speech! That guy is truly charismatic and a great orator. Bry is less embarrassed to be American. My American AND non-American Facebook friends are showing their exhilaration with constant status updates. Every single online newspaper I’ve visited is carrying positive headlines about the win. The Australian networks were broadcasting US elections all day. Even my mom is happy with the win. Let’s hope he brings good things and fixes the crumbling system.

It would’ve been so awesome to be in Los Angeles or San Diego right now.

Tho…the Prop 8 count is still in the works right now.

One of my favorite foods ever is curry – any kind as long as it’s spicy. Despite my love for it, I have never made it from scratch (thinking it was a tall order) and instead always prepared it out of bottled pastes from the grocery stores. However, since I have developed a slight obsession with spices in the last few weeks (which probably stemmed from our trips to the Middle Eastern grocers (Spice Heaven! Oohlala!)), I thought: why not try making curry from scratch with these spices??? Yeah, sometimes I live dangerously.

So this evening, I tried out this new Indian lamb curry recipe found on this recipe site I’ve been trawling lately, Thereafter I realized that I, too, can make curry from scratch. It really isn’t as daunting as I had originally thought it to be!

(Photo from Recipezaar)

Btw, check this out: An Obama-Rama cocktail! Someone actually specially concocted one! Whoot. He has to win, right??