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Even though I didn’t quite like this latest painting, I thought I’d still show it to complete the set. It’s a peacock that kinda looks like a hindu elephant or a hindu god. Maybe it’s the blue. Boo.



All right…so the trend here is birds. Next painting to complete the set should be a bird, too. Question is…what other bird is cute? A parrot? Or a peacock? How about a rooster?


I haven’t been good about updating my blog with pretty creations mostly because all the free time I have (which is, to be honest, quite a lot) has been channeled to shopping for wedding stuff or sleeping. Yes, sleeping. I have been sleeping so much that I’ve impressed myself with this new found ability. I have been going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 630am the next morning; insomnia be damned!

Back to pretty creations: I hope to start painting, drawing, etc., come September when we’re in Melbourne. Till then, my right brain will be full of nothing but flowers, decorations, etc. Up and coming wedding projects include: creating tassels for our wedding favors (paper fans), creating placecards, wrapping the red packet gift box (a.k.a. “ang pow” box…which I will elaborate on in later posts), and decorating various venues to be used on the actual wedding day.

Latest countdown alert: 17 days to go; it’s really happening!

Finished the painting I’m giving to my little sister and gave it the most uncreative name ever: Tiger Girl. After pondering on the name a little more, I remembered that this title is also used to label the sexy ladies who appear in the Singaporean Tiger Beer ads. Lol. Despite that, the painting shall still remain “Tiger Girl.” Here you go, baby Euge!!