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Haven’t had a sale in almost 4 days. In the meantime, I’m adding more items. I really like the new (old) style and photography.


Bird stamp from Sharjah USD10 on


Lovers or…? USD 12 on

And more items….do drop by! 🙂


****UPDATE*** This item sold within hours! If you like this and want to purchase it, I can make another for you! Just let me know. Comment here or email me cherylyap81 [!at] .


Chant d’oisseau. USD18. Available on

This is my latest. Featuring a customized vintage style pendant with metal finding bird and rose swarovski crystals. What a beautiful combination.

So it’s supposedly gonna hit 37deg celsius (99F) today. WTH. It’s only 31C (88F) right now n already my apartment feels like an oven. Whew. Maybe this heat will motivate me to work harder…

Discovered some really pretty vintage paper from wholesaler Papayalicious at the Lula Mae store in Pasadena. Absolutely gorgeous. They also have other designer stationary for sale on their website. One fine day when I open my own paper store in godknowswhere, I’ll be sure to carry some of their stuff!

Living in Pasadena has been fantastic so far. Apart from all the yummylicious restaurants just a stone’s throw away from my apartment, Pasadena also houses many art galleries and craft stores. One of the stores I recently discovered is the Paper Source. It has a vast range of pretty paper, from Japanese rice paper for wrapping gifts, to blank flat paper for printing cards. The store also sells other fun tools and materials for craft making, such as rubber stamps, ink pads, embossing powder, paper punches, etc. It’s like Michael’s or Joanne’s, only better, more organized, and rather competitively priced! Unfortunately, the staff working at the branch near my place (on Colorado Blvd) haven’t been all too friendly. They probably are aware that they  don’t have to try too hard at being nice since they have good stuff. But still, it would be nice to show some love to their customers.

Despite that and despite me being a starving graduate student, I caved in and splurged on papers with beautiful prints. Then I decided to put these papers into good use and made some thank you cards for my supervisors at the hospital.

I haven’t hand-made cards in eons and was delighted by the results. All thanks to the lovely papers!