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After playing with resin for weeks, and encountering some failures and some disasters (see previous post), I have finally come up with something that I *think* looks cute and pretty enough to sell. What do you think?



Just sold this item for USD13 on Etsy a few days ago!!


And of course a very wonderful buyer helped me out soo much by snapping up 4 items just before Christmas (<3 you!!):

(Displaying 2 of the 4 items she purchased)

USD15 for a set of 3 pendants


USD10 for this gorgeous pendant



I’m now shipping items to AUSTRALIA FOR FREE, to the US, SINGAPORE, and ALL THE PARTS OF THE WORLD for only USD1 (for the first item)!! Hoping this will help me bring my sales up to a lucky TEN before the new year. Do you think it’s possible?????

Please keep supporting my shop! THANK YOU!

So I was just told by my glass tile supplier that she only shipped my items DECEMBER 1!! :-/ Which means…I’ll probably only get them AFTER my Gold Coast trip. UGH. I’ll have lots to do when I get back to ship presents to Singapore and the US in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, here’s more square pendants. I’ve listed one on Please support me by viewing my products online and spreading the word. Of course if you wanna purchase them, you know I will SOOO LOVE YOU! Thanks. 🙂


I haven’t listed these below yet…



Just a few of the pendants I made this afternoon. Some people use pre-designed papers, but I did not (except for the one with the bird). These pendants are all personally designed and put together by me. Just ordered even more supplies, specifically, materials to make earrings, magnets, and gift tins. Am so excited to get them!



And here’s one using Snow & Graham’s design…


Here are some of the pendants I personally designed. They can also be made into fridge magnets. I am not sure whether they will sell, but I am showing them here first. I know there are only like five of you reading my blog…so any feedback is much appreciated! ****Updated with new, improved quality photos!!****