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USD10.50 Dangling Hibiscus on



Gosh, if I were a rich(er) girl, I would get this. Such a neat pendant. And seriously, it’s not that expensive, considering the materials used and the workmanship…


Aight, off to bed. Buenas Noches from Australia (and Buenos Dias to y’all living in the other half of the world!). 😉

Sophisticated and beautiful yet clean and simple. That’s the style…Click here to buy these items.

La Belle USD20 or SGD28


Cute little siam swarovski balls topped off on large vintage style black detailed beads.

Fleur et perle USD 22.50 or SGD30


Rare vintage west german floral pendant combined with beautiful fresh water pearl bunches.

Bryan and I ordered ourselves some SIGG bottles from a shop in the city that sells cutesy Japanese knick-knacks AND SIGG bottles. We should be getting the bottles sometime this week or early next week. Hurray. Bryan brought to my attention last night that the one I ordered is not one of the two featured in my previous post…and so I’m here to give you guys an update on the final selection!

Just in time for spring (down under):

Discovered some really pretty vintage paper from wholesaler Papayalicious at the Lula Mae store in Pasadena. Absolutely gorgeous. They also have other designer stationary for sale on their website. One fine day when I open my own paper store in godknowswhere, I’ll be sure to carry some of their stuff!