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So I’m gonna take a little break from blogging and creating for a little bit. This will be the last new item for…awhile…


I need to start reading, studying Spanish, and exercising again.


Our little stunted jalapeños…i wonder what happened: lack of nutrients? Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow. Lol.

I hope the title was constructed properly! Learning how to conjugate special verbs, and sentences with direct and indirect objects in Spanish can be really tricky.

Anyhow, YES, I do love receiving parcels! Yesterday, I got my fabric purchase from alittlegoodness in Japan. Honestly, everything from Japan is just so much cuter.


Check out the mailing tape below! Kawaii!!


Here are a few of my Etsy/internet-related new year resolutions!

  • NOT to turn on my computer first thing in the morning. Instead, water my plants, read, pray, do stretching exercises…
  • To spend only about 2 hours on Etsy forums/blogs/other sites promoting my store
  • To list at least one or two new items every day
  • To learn new beading techniques to incorporate into my other fun media (clay, resin) projects

I’m hoping that in doing the above, I will get to be more creative and make more beautiful items. 🙂

Btw, I got another sale @ my Etsy store today from a stranger, who bought this item for USD16.50:


So pretty, innit! I think I’m gonna make more charm necklaces soon. They’re fun to make and oh, so beautiful. More bead shopping today! HURRAY!

But first, uhm, I NEED to study Spanish. NEED to.

Oui, tres, tres faim.

Before I go eat breakfast, here are some of my latest jewelry delights. Some are posted on Etsy and some I will wait to post a little later. I’m hoping more people will shop with me and support my 1-month-old store! Everyday I’m racking my brains to think of new ways to promote this store. This month, in conjunction with my article in the Singaporean Business Times newspaper, I decided to extend FREE shipping to all buyers in Singapore till Jan 30. Of course, shipping within Australia is FREE. And shipping everywhere else is only USD1. Keeping it competitive.


Simply Lovely USD13, SGD16


Red Love USD12, SGD16


Oceana USD10 or SGD13

Aight gotta go eat. And then maybe go swimming. Oh, and I SO need to start studying Spanish. Class starts again on Thurs. *Gulp*.

Saw these adorable looking fabric earrings – Pillow Earrings – on sale on Etsy. I thought they looked really original and is such a great idea! So cute! Check it out on Jimena’s Etsy.


(P.S.: She’s from Argentina. And she has a blog…where she writes in, yes, Spanish! Awesome!)